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Collaboration to Preserve Ongoing Access to Print Journal Titles

The University Library is participating in a western Canadian collaboration to preserve ongoing access to print journal titles, known as Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries Shared Print Archive Network (COPPUL SPAN).  COPPUL SPAN allows academic libraries to consider withdrawing from their collections the journal titles included in the initiative.

How does COPPUL SPAN work?

Twenty-one university libraries in western Canada are participating in COPPUL SPAN, and serving as ‘archive holders’. An archive holder agrees to keep its print holdings of specific titles for a specified period of time (a minimum of 10 years). This allows other members of COPPUL SPAN to consider disposing their holdings for titles that are being archived in this way. Phase 1 of this project was completed in 2013, and you can read more about it on the Library's website (http://library.usask.ca/news/2013/collaboration-to-preserve-ongoing-access-to-print-journal-titles-.php).  Phase 2 began in 2014, and includes 1,416 titles considered for archiving.  The University Library archived 271 titles on that list.  Of the other titles that are being archived by other COPPUL SPAN libraries, we can consider removing them from the collection knowing that another university library in western Canada is keeping a print copy, which can either be scanned and delivered or borrowed if needed.  For most of those titles, we also have an electronic version with post-cancellation access rights.  More information about COPPUL SPAN can be found at http://www.coppul.ca/programs/shared-print.


Over the winter of 2015, librarians from the University Library, in consultation with appropriate University of Saskatchewan faculty, conducted a review of journal titles that are part of COPPUL SPAN Phase 2 that are being archived elsewhere, with the goal of determining which ones may no longer be needed in print form in our collections.

Posted below are:

  • A list of all titles from the COPPUL SPAN reviews that were identified as no longer needed in print.
  • The dispersal policy that will be followed for these titles.

Please note that colleges/divisions/schools/departments on campus will have an opportunity to review the lists, and indicate if they wish to receive the withdrawn volumes. This is the same policy and procedures used in 2007 for withdrawn JSTOR titles and in 2013 for withdrawn COPPUL SPAN Phase 1 and JSTOR titles.

  • Second week of June, 2015: lists of titles posted to University Library web page
  • June 26: requests to be received from colleges/divisions/schools/departments

If anyone has questions or comments, please communicate directly with your liaison librarian or branch library head.


Dispersal Policy and Procedures for JSTOR and CSPAN Project

Withdrawal and Dispersal - CSPAN Titles 2015