Canadiana Picture Book Collection

Donated by Dr. Bev Brenna, this collection includes picture books published from 2017 to 2020 that have a Canadian author and/or illustrator.

The Canadian Picture Book collection contains 630 picture books by Canadian authors and illustrators. This unique collection was donated by Dr. Beverly Brenna, Professor Emerita from the College of Education (2022) and was made possible by support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC Insight Program).

You can browse the collection in person at the Education and Music Library. The books in the collection are for in-library use only and cannot be borrowed, but duplicate copies of titles may be available to borrow from the library. You can also explore the titles in this collection online through our library catalogue.

Dr. Brenna and their research team complied the collection to explore patterns, themes, and trends in picture books published in Canada by professional publishing houses during the 2017-2020 publication years. Common themes in the collection include identity and depictions of the natural world. The researchers found diverse characterizations and representation of many human realities, but characterizations of disability were largely absent.

Learn more about this collection and Dr. Brenna's research in: 

Brenna, Beverley, Richard Dionne, and Theresa Tavares. Contemporary Canadian Picture Books: A Critical Review for Educators, Librarians, Families, Researchers & Writers. Brill, 2021.

Available as an Open Access e-book or in print from the University of Saskatchewan Library.