There are 8 titles the category Environmental Sciences - Radioactivity & nuclear fallout

  1. Annals of the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) (ISSN: 0146-6453,EISSN: 1872-969X)
  2. Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables (ISSN: 0092-640X,EISSN: 1090-2090)
  3. Health Physics (ISSN: 0017-9078,EISSN: 1538-5159)
  4. ICRP publication (ISSN: 0074-2740,EISSN: 1878-0377)
  5. Journal of the Society for Radiological Protection (ISSN: 0260-2814,EISSN: 1747-390X)
  6. The Journal of Trauma (ISSN: 0022-5282,EISSN: 1529-8809)
  7. Nuclear instruments (ISSN: 0369-643X,EISSN: 1878-1268)
  8. Nuclear Science and Engineering (ISSN: 0029-5639,EISSN: 1943-748X)