There are 830 titles the category Health Sciences - Public health

  1. International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics (ISSN: 1389-6563,EISSN: 1573-6962)
  2. International journal of health care quality assurance (ISSN: 0952-6862,EISSN: 1758-6542)
  3. International journal of health care quality assurance incorporating leadership in health services (ISSN: 1366-0756,EISSN: 2051-3135)
  4. International Journal of Health Geographics (EISSN: 1476-072X)
  5. The International Journal of Health Planning and Management (ISSN: 0749-6753,EISSN: 1099-1751)
  6. International journal of health promotion and education (ISSN: 1463-5240,EISSN: 2164-9545)
  7. International Journal of Health Services (ISSN: 0020-7314,EISSN: 1541-4469)
  8. International journal of injury control and safety promotion (ISSN: 1745-7300,EISSN: 1745-7319)
  9. International Journal of Legal Medicine (ISSN: 0937-9827,EISSN: 1437-1596)
  10. International Journal of Men's Health* (ISSN: 1532-6306,EISSN: 1933-0278)
  11. International Journal of Mental Health (ISSN: 0020-7411,EISSN: 1557-9328)
  12. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction (ISSN: 1557-1874,EISSN: 1557-1882)
  13. International journal of mental health promotion (ISSN: 1462-3730,EISSN: 2049-8543)
  14. International Journal of Mental Health Systems (EISSN: 1752-4458)
  15. International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health (ISSN: 1232-1087,EISSN: 1896-494X)
  16. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry (ISSN: 0960-7439,EISSN: 1365-263X)
  17. International journal of psychiatry in clinical practice (ISSN: 1365-1501,EISSN: 1471-1788)
  18. International journal of psychosocial rehabilitation (ISSN: 1475-7192)
  19. International Journal of Public Health (ISSN: 1661-8556,EISSN: 1661-8564)
  20. International Journal of Rehabilitation and Health (ISSN: 1068-9591,EISSN: 1573-1537)
  21. The International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine (ISSN: 0924-6479,EISSN: 1878-6847)
  22. International Journal of Social Psychiatry (ISSN: 0020-7640,EISSN: 1741-2854)
  23. International Journal of Stress Management (ISSN: 1072-5245,EISSN: 1573-3424)
  24. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (ISSN: 0266-4623,EISSN: 1471-6348)
  25. International Journal of Toxicology (ISSN: 1091-5818,EISSN: 1092-874X)
  26. International Nursing Review (ISSN: 0020-8132,EISSN: 1466-7657)
  27. International Public Health Journal (ISSN: 1947-4989,EISSN: 2374-1023)
  28. International Review of Psychiatry (ISSN: 0954-0261,EISSN: 1369-1627)
  29. International travel and health (ISSN: 1020-0169,EISSN: 1999-4842)
  30. The Internet journal of law, healthcare and ethics (ISSN: 1528-8250)
  31. ISHN (ISSN: 8755-2566,EISSN: 2328-9147)
  32. Japan Journal of Nursing Science (ISSN: 1742-7932,EISSN: 1742-7924)
  33. The joint commission journal on quality and patient safety (ISSN: 1553-7250,EISSN: 1938-131X)
  34. Joint Commission perspectives on patient safety (ISSN: 1534-5181,EISSN: 1943-3727)
  35. Journal For Healthcare Quality (ISSN: 1062-2551,EISSN: 1945-1474)
  36. Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling (ISSN: 1055-3835,EISSN: 2161-1874)
  37. Journal of adult protection (ISSN: 1466-8203,EISSN: 2042-8669)
  38. Journal of Aging and Health (ISSN: 0898-2643,EISSN: 1552-6887)
  39. Journal of agricultural safety and health (ISSN: 1074-7583,EISSN: 1943-7846)
  40. Journal of AHIMA (ISSN: 1060-5487)
  41. The Journal of air medical transport (ISSN: 1046-9095,EISSN: 2162-7460)
  42. Journal of ambulatory care management (ISSN: 0148-9917,EISSN: 1550-3267)
  43. Journal of American College Health (ISSN: 0744-8481,EISSN: 1940-3208)
  44. Journal of analytical toxicology (ISSN: 0146-4760,EISSN: 1945-2403)
  45. Journal of Applied Toxicology (ISSN: 0260-437X,EISSN: 1099-1263)
  46. Journal of behavior analysis in health, sports, fitness and medicine (EISSN: 1946-7079)
  47. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research (ISSN: 1094-3412,EISSN: 1556-3308)
  48. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology (ISSN: 1095-6670,EISSN: 1099-0461)
  49. Journal of Biochemical Toxicology (ISSN: 0887-2082,EISSN: 1522-7146)
  50. Journal of biological standardization (ISSN: 0092-1157,EISSN: 1878-2329)