There are 1,422 titles the category Social Sciences - Sociology

  1. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (ISSN: 0265-4075,EISSN: 1460-3608)
  2. Journal of Social Development in Africa (ISSN: 1012-1080,EISSN: 1726-3700)
  3. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless (ISSN: 1053-0789,EISSN: 1573-658X)
  4. The Journal of Social Forces (ISSN: 1532-1282,EISSN: 2163-6273)
  5. Journal of social hygiene (ISSN: 0741-9996)
  6. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice (ISSN: 1876-8830)
  7. Journal of Social Philosophy (ISSN: 0047-2786,EISSN: 1467-9833)
  8. Journal of Social Policy (ISSN: 0047-2794,EISSN: 1469-7823)
  9. Journal of Social Psychology (ISSN: 0022-4545,EISSN: 1940-1183)
  10. Journal of Social Structure (ISSN: 1529-1227)
  11. Journal of Social Studies Research (ISSN: 0885-985X,EISSN: 2352-2798)
  12. The Journal of social welfare & family law (ISSN: 0964-9069,EISSN: 1469-9621)
  13. Journal of Social Work (ISSN: 1468-0173,EISSN: 1741-296X)
  14. Journal of Social Work Education (ISSN: 1043-7797,EISSN: 2163-5811)
  15. Journal of social work in long term care (ISSN: 1533-2624,EISSN: 1533-2632)
  16. Journal of Social Work Practice (ISSN: 0265-0533,EISSN: 1465-3885)
  17. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions (ISSN: 1533-256X,EISSN: 1533-2578)
  18. Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation (ISSN: 1521-3668)
  19. Journal of social work values and ethics (ISSN: 1553-6947)
  20. Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies (ISSN: 0278-839X)
  21. Journal of Socio-Economics (ISSN: 1053-5357,EISSN: 1879-1239)
  22. Journal of Sociology (ISSN: 1440-7833,EISSN: 1741-2978)
  23. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare (ISSN: 0191-5096,EISSN: 1949-7652)
  24. Journal of Sport & Social Issues (ISSN: 0193-7235,EISSN: 1552-7638)
  25. Journal of substance abuse (ISSN: 0899-3289,EISSN: 1873-6491)
  26. Journal of sustainable agriculture (ISSN: 1044-0046,EISSN: 1540-7578)
  27. The Journal of Technology Studies (ISSN: 1071-6084,EISSN: 1541-9258)
  28. Journal of the American Planning Association (ISSN: 0194-4363,EISSN: 1939-0130)
  29. The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (ISSN: 0959-5295,EISSN: 2397-2564)
  30. Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering (ISSN: 1488-0989)
  31. The Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland (ISSN: 0304-2235,EISSN: 2414-021X)
  32. The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth (ISSN: 1939-6724,EISSN: 1941-3599)
  33. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (ISSN: 0022-5061,EISSN: 1520-6696)
  34. Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (ISSN: 0085-5774,EISSN: 1991-7287)
  35. Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (1908-1984) (ISSN: 0019-2287,EISSN: 2328-3246)
  36. Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (ISSN: 0126-7353,EISSN: 2180-4338)
  37. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (ISSN: 1923-4139,EISSN: 1923-4147)
  38. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (ISSN: 0307-3114,EISSN: 2397-2556)
  39. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science (ISSN: 0040-313X,EISSN: 2168-8338)
  40. Journal of threat assessment (ISSN: 1533-2608,EISSN: 1533-2616)
  41. Journal of Transformative Education (ISSN: 1541-3446,EISSN: 1552-7840)
  42. Journal of Transport History (ISSN: 0022-5266,EISSN: 1759-3999)
  43. Journal of Urban Affairs (ISSN: 0735-2166,EISSN: 1467-9906)
  44. Journal of Values-Based Leadership (ISSN: 1948-0733,EISSN: 2153-019X)
  45. Journal of Victorian Culture (ISSN: 1355-5502,EISSN: 1750-0133)
  46. Journal of Womens History (ISSN: 1042-7961,EISSN: 1527-2036)
  47. The journal of world anthropology (ISSN: 1075-2579)
  48. Journal of World History (ISSN: 1045-6007,EISSN: 1527-8050)
  49. Journal of World-Systems Research (ISSN: 1076-156X)
  50. Journal of Youth and Adolescence (ISSN: 0047-2891,EISSN: 1573-6601)