There are 32 titles available from Eighteenth Century Journals 4

  1. The bee, or, Universal weekly pamphlet
  2. Bell's weekly messenger
  3. The British critic
  4. The British volunteer, and Manchester weekly express
  5. Chester chronicle
  6. Complete report of all the trials that came on at the Lent Assize for the County of Lancaster, March 21, 1812
  7. Cowdroy's Manchester gazette and weekly advertiser
  8. Harrop's Manchester mercury and general advertiser
  9. Histoire de la republique des lettres et arts en France
  10. The lady's magazine, or, Entertaining companion for the fair sex
  11. The lady's magazine; or Entertaining companion for the fair sex, appropriated solely to their use and amusement
  12. A letter to every person in Great-Britain
  13. The Manchester chronicle, or, Anderton's universal advertiser
  14. Manchester gazette, and weekly advertiser
  15. Manchester herald
  16. Manchester journal
  17. The Manchester mercury and Harrop's general advertiser
  18. The Manchester telegraph, and weekly universal advertiser
  19. Memoirs of literature
  20. New memoirs of literature
  21. A new review
  22. Observer (London) (ISSN: 0029-7712)
  23. The patriot
  24. Phoenix Britannicus
  25. Prescott's Manchester journal
  26. Present State of Europe or the Historical and Political Monthly Mercury
  27. The present state of Europe, or, The historical and political mercury
  28. Proposed new Manchester weekly
  29. Reports of the Humane Society instituted in the year 1774, for the recovery of persons apparently drowned
  30. Les spectacles de Paris, ou, Calendrier historique & chronologique des theatres
  31. Les spectacles de Paris, ou, Suite du calendrier historique et chronologique des theatres
  32. Wheeler's Manchester chronicle