There are 7 titles available from Oxford University Press Journals Current

  1. Annals of behavioral medicine (ISSN: 0883-6612,EISSN: 1532-4796)
  2. Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA (ISSN: 2049-8764,EISSN: 2049-8772)
  3. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (ISSN: 0027-8874,EISSN: 1460-2105)
  4. Monist: A Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the Philosophy of Science (ISSN: 0026-9662,EISSN: 2153-3601)
  5. Nucleic acids research (ISSN: 0305-1048,EISSN: 1362-4962)
  6. Nucleic Acids Symposium Series (ISSN: 0261-3166,EISSN: 1746-8272)
  7. Yearbook of international environmental law (ISSN: 0965-1721,EISSN: 2045-0052)