There are 10,824 titles that begin with the letter A

  1. Annual Report. University of Sheffield, Department of Information Studies
  2. Annual report/Art Gallery of New South Wales
  3. Annual report/Queensland institute of medical research
  4. Annual Report: Indian Claims Commission / Rapport Annuel: Commission des Revendications des Indians
  5. Annual report: report of the Ministry of Transport for the year ended 30 June / Ministry of Transport = Te Manatū Waka (ISSN: 2324-2469)
  6. [Annual report]
  7. Annual reports
  8. Annual Reports / Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus
  9. Annual Reports / Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  10. Annual Reports / Changing the way we drink
  11. Annual reports / Commonwealth Ombudsman and Defence Force Ombudsman (ISSN: 0814-7124)
  12. Annual Reports / Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice
  13. Annual reports and abstract of minutes of Parkdale Presbyterian Church for the year
  14. Annual reports for the year
  15. Annual reports for the year
  16. Annual reports for the year
  17. Annual reports for the Year ending 31st December
  18. Annual Reports For the Year Ending 31st December
  19. Annual reports for the year ending 31st December
  20. Annual reports for the year ending December 31
  21. Annual reports for the years ending
  22. Annual reports in computational chemistry (ISSN: 1574-1400,EISSN: 1875-5232)
  23. Annual reports in medicinal chemistry (ISSN: 0065-7743,EISSN: 1557-8437)
  24. Annual reports of Chalmers' Church, Guelph, for year ending Dec. 31
  25. Annual reports of Erskine Church, (Presbyterian Church in Canada) for the year
  26. Annual reports of for the year ending September 30th
  27. Annual reports of Guthrie Presbyterian Church, Oro Township, for the year ending
  28. Annual reports of Knox Congregation, Toronto in connection with the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 31st December
  29. Annual reports of National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Australia Advisory Council (ISSN: 1440-8961)
  30. Annual reports of St John's Presbyterian Church
  31. Annual reports of the Board of Managers, missionary societies, Sabbath school and Dorcas Society of Knox Church
  32. Annual reports of the Cathedral Sunday School, Cathedral Clothing Socity, Ladies' Aid Association, District Visiting Society, Provident Fund Society, Ladies' Bible Class, Cathedral Missionary Association, Association for Foreign Missions, Cathedral Band
  33. Annual reports of the dairymen's and creameries' associations of the Province of Ontario
  34. Annual Reports of the Dante Society (ISSN: 1948-1594,EISSN: 2329-2164)
  35. Annual reports of the directors and general manager of the Quebec & Levis Electric Light Company
  36. Annual reports of the Fruit Growers' Association and Horticultural Society of British Columbia
  37. Annual reports of the Harbour Commissioners of Montreal for the year
  38. Annual reports of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, and affiliated clubs
  39. Annual Reports of the Ottawa Protestant Home for the Aged for the years ending 30th September and 30th September
  40. Annual reports of the Presbyterian Church, Brampton, for the year ending 31st December
  41. Annual reports of the president and treasurer of the Board of Trade, Toronto
  42. Annual reports of the Provincial Lunatic Asylum, Toronto, for the years
  43. Annual reports of the St. George's Society of Montreal for the year , and list of officers and members
  44. Annual Reports on Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy (ISSN: 0306-1353,EISSN: 2050-831X)
  45. Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy (ISSN: 0066-4103,EISSN: 2163-6052)
  46. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry (ISSN: 0365-6217,EISSN: 1754-7512)
  47. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section A: General Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (ISSN: 0069-3022,EISSN: 1754-7520)
  48. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section A: Inorganic Chemistry (ISSN: 0260-1818,EISSN: 1460-4760)
  49. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section A: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (ISSN: 0308-6003,EISSN: 1754-7539)
  50. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section B : Organic Chemistry (ISSN: 0069-3030,EISSN: 1460-4779)
  51. Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry Section C: Physical Chemistry (ISSN: 0260-1826,EISSN: 1460-4787)
  52. Annual reports, Easter
  53. Annual reports, for the year ending 31st December
  54. Annual repot - Parliamentary Service Commissioner (ISSN: 1444-6758)
  55. Annual research report / Cancer Council South Australia
  56. Annual research report / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
  57. Annual research reports / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
  58. Annual review (ISSN: 0951-3760)
  59. Annual review (ISSN: 1560-4764)
  60. Annual review (ISSN: 1324-504X,EISSN: 1834-2329)
  61. Annual review (ISSN: 0919-6595)
  62. Annual review (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.)
  63. Annual review - Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ISSN: 1444-4798)
  64. Annual review - SCONUL (ISSN: 0962-5038)
  65. Annual review - ScreenSound Australia (ISSN: 1442-9608)
  66. Annual review - Supreme Court of New South Wales (ISSN: 1321-4586)
  67. Annual review / Australian Equipment Lessors Association (ISSN: 1031-6817)
  68. Annual Review / Conciliation Resources
  69. Annual review / FARM Africa
  70. Annual review / Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
  71. Annual Review / Irish Sea Fisheries Board
  72. Annual review / Mineral Resources Tasmania
  73. Annual review / National Library of Scotland
  74. Annual review and record - OPEC (ISSN: 0474-6317)
  75. Annual review of adult learning and literacy (ISSN: 1527-3970)
  76. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry (ISSN: 1936-1327,EISSN: 1936-1335)
  77. Annual Review of Animal Biosciences (ISSN: 2165-8102,EISSN: 2165-8110)
  78. Annual Review of Anthropology (ISSN: 0084-6570,EISSN: 1545-4290)
  79. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics (ISSN: 0267-1905,EISSN: 1471-6356)
  80. Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ISSN: 0066-4146,EISSN: 1545-4282)
  81. Annual review of banking and financial law (ISSN: 1544-4627)
  82. Annual review of banking law (ISSN: 0739-2451)
  83. Annual Review of Biochemistry (ISSN: 0066-4154,EISSN: 1545-4509)
  84. Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science (EISSN: 2574-3414)
  85. Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering (ISSN: 1523-9829,EISSN: 1545-4274)
  86. Annual Review of Biophysics (ISSN: 1936-122X,EISSN: 1936-1238)
  87. Annual Review of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure (ISSN: 1056-8700,EISSN: 1545-4266)
  88. Annual Review of Cancer Biology (EISSN: 2472-3428)
  89. Annual Review of Cell and developmental Biology (ISSN: 1081-0706,EISSN: 1530-8995)
  90. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ISSN: 1947-5438,EISSN: 1947-5446)
  91. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (ISSN: 1548-5943,EISSN: 1548-5951)
  92. Annual Review of Computer Science (ISSN: 8756-7016,EISSN: 2328-2118)
  93. Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics (ISSN: 1947-5454,EISSN: 1947-5462)
  94. Annual Review of Control Robotics and Autonomous Systems (EISSN: 2573-5144)
  95. Annual Review of Criminology (EISSN: 2572-4568)
  96. Annual review of critical psychology (ISSN: 1746-739X)
  97. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology (EISSN: 2640-7922)
  98. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences (ISSN: 0084-6597,EISSN: 1545-4495)
  99. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics (ISSN: 0066-4162,EISSN: 2330-1902)
  100. Annual Review of Ecology Evolution and Systematics (ISSN: 1543-592X,EISSN: 1545-2069)