There are 2,727 titles that begin with the letter D

  1. Directions (ISSN: 1471-3837)
  2. Directions (Saskatchewan School Boards Association)
  3. Directions in global health (ISSN: 1549-8662)
  4. Directoire de la ville de Joliette pour l'année
  5. Directoire de Trois-Rivières, Sorel et Berthier pour l'année
  6. Director (ISSN: 0012-3242)
  7. Director's Forum: A Blog from USPTO's Leadership [BLOG]
  8. Director's Report (Harvard University Art Museums) (ISSN: 1046-1477,EISSN: 2328-0670)
  9. Directors & Trustees Digest (ISSN: 1068-6460)
  10. Directors Briefing (ISSN: 1369-1996)
  11. Directors' annual report
  12. Directors' report for
  13. Directors' reports of the Provincial Royal Jubilee Hospital
  14. Directorship (ISSN: 0193-4279)
  15. Directory (ISSN: 0250-6211)
  16. Directory - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (ISSN: 0074-6002)
  17. Directory and book of reference for the west riding of the county of Northumberland and the county of Durham
  18. Directory and business register of the Ottawa Unity Protestant Benefit Society
  19. Directory and summary of work done by Women's Christian Temperance Union of Toronto District
  20. Directory de Quebec = : The Quebec directory
  21. Directory de Quebec = : The Quebec handy directory
  22. Directory for and hand book of the Bond Street Congregational Church, Toronto
  23. Directory for the city and suburbs of Quebec : to which are added the fire engines with their houses of deposite, also the present committee
  24. Directory for the county of Bruce, Ontario, Canada
  25. Directory for the towns of St. John's, Harbor Grace, and Carbonear, Newfoundland for
  26. Directory of Chambly Basin, Chambly Canton, St. Jean Baptiste, St. Cesaire, Rougemont, St. Hilaire, Beloeil, St. Bruno, Marieville, Laprairie, and St. Edouard
  27. Directory of conflict resolution practitioners
  28. Directory of electronic journals, newsletters and academic discussion lists (ISSN: 1057-1337,EISSN: 1524-3427)
  29. Directory of federal historical programs and activities (ISSN: 1048-0110)
  30. Directory of Huntingdon, Beauharnois, St. Jean Chrysostome, Chateauguay, St. Timothee, Valleyfield, Durham, Howick, Hemmingford, Ste. Martine, Lacolle, St. Remi and Napierville
  31. Directory of members - Directors Guild of America (ISSN: 0419-2052)
  32. Directory of official information (ISSN: 0112-207X,EISSN: 1178-4318)
  33. Directory of pathology training programs (ISSN: 0070-6086)
  34. Directory of pathology training programs in the United States and Canada (ISSN: 1546-7716)
  35. [Directory of Simcoe County]
  36. Directory of St. Catharines, Thorold, Merritton and Port Dalhousie for
  37. Directory of St. Johns, West Farnham, Granby, West Shefford, Waterloo, Roxton Falls
  38. Directory of St. Scholastique, Lachute, Hull, &c., comprising Angers, Buckingham, Carillon, Cushing, East Templeton, Grenville, Hull, Lachute, Montebello, Papineauville, St. Andrews, St. Scholastique, St. Philippe, Stonefield, Templeton, and Thurso
  39. Directory of the Association of American Library Schools (ISSN: 0197-579X,EISSN: 2474-3216)
  40. Directory of the city of Kingston for
  41. Directory of the city of Kingston with villages of Barriefield, Portsmouth & Cataraqui, and towns of Gananoque & Napanee
  42. Directory of the City of Kingston, and the villages of Waterloo, Portsmouth, Williamsville and Barriefield
  43. Directory of the city of St Catharines, Thorold, Merritton and Port Dalhousie for the year
  44. Directory of the county of Hastings
  45. Directory of the Dominion Methodist Church
  46. Directory of the Jarvis St. Baptist Church, Toronto
  47. Directory of the studies, terms, &c. of the Canadian Literary Institute for the year
  48. Directory of the town of Guelph
  49. Directory of the town of Picton and county of Prince Edward, Canada West
  50. Directory of the town of St Thomas
  51. Directory of the town of Woodstock
  52. Directory of the township of Hope by sub-divisions, as compiled from the Assessment Roll for year
  53. Directory of the United Counties of Peterborough & Victoria
  54. DIRECTV MarketLine Company Profile
  55. Direito & justiça (ISSN: 0100-9079,EISSN: 1984-7718)
  56. Direito e Desenvolvimento (ISSN: 2177-0026)
  57. Direito em Debate (ISSN: 0103-9040,EISSN: 2176-6622)
  58. Direito Público (ISSN: 1806-8200,EISSN: 2236-1766)
  59. Direito, Estado e Sociedade (ISSN: 1516-6104,EISSN: 1982-0879)
  60. Direitos fundamentais & justiça (ISSN: 1982-1921)
  61. Diritto & Diritti (ISSN: 1127-8579)
  62. Diritto & Questioni Pubbliche: Rivista di Filosofia del Diritto e Cultura Giuridica (ISSN: 1825-0173)
  63. Diritto @ storia (ISSN: 1825-0300)
  64. Diritto degli Affari (EISSN: 2281-4531)
  65. Diritto dello Sport (EISSN: 2785-1141)
  66. Diritto e giurisprudenza agraria, alimentare e dell'ambiente (ISSN: 1828-4698,EISSN: 2421-4132)
  67. Diritto e Politica dei Trasporti (EISSN: 2612-5056)
  68. Diritto e Questioni Pubbliche: Revista di Filosofia del Diritto e Cultura Giuridica
  69. Diritto marittimo (ISSN: 0012-348X)
  70. Diritto Penale Contemporaneo (ISSN: 2039-1676)
  71. Diritto penale contemporaneo - Rivista trimestrale (ISSN: 2240-7618)
  72. Diritto Penale e Uomo (ISSN: 2704-6516,EISSN: 2612-677X)
  73. Diritto, immigrazione e cittadinanza (ISSN: 1720-433X,EISSN: 1972-4799)
  74. Dirosat: Journal of Islamic Studies (ISSN: 2541-1667,EISSN: 2541-1675)
  75. Diroyah: Jurnal Studi Ilmu Hadis (ISSN: 2540-9050,EISSN: 2540-9069)
  76. Dirt Bike (ISSN: 0364-1546)
  77. Dirt Rider (ISSN: 0735-4355,EISSN: 0735-4255)
  78. Dirty linen (ISSN: 1047-4315,EISSN: 2169-5393)
  79. Dirty profits
  80. Dirāsāt - Al-Ǧāmi’aẗ al-urdunniyyaẗ. Al-’ulūm al-tarbawiyyaẗ (ISSN: 1026-3713,EISSN: 2663-6212)
  81. Dirāsāt fi Al-Ṭufūlaẗ wa Al-Tarbiyyaẗ (ISSN: 2536-9636,EISSN: 2735-4997)
  82. Dirāsāt Hispānicas (EISSN: 2286-5977)
  83. Dirāsāt. ʻUlūm al-sharīʻah wa-al-qānūn (ISSN: 1026-3748,EISSN: 2663-6239)
  84. Disabilities (EISSN: 2673-7272)
  85. Disability & Society (ISSN: 0968-7599,EISSN: 1360-0508)
  86. Disability and Health Journal (ISSN: 1936-6574,EISSN: 1876-7583)
  87. Disability and Rehabilitation (ISSN: 0963-8288,EISSN: 1464-5165)
  88. Disability and Rehabilitation-Assistive Technology (ISSN: 1748-3107,EISSN: 1748-3115)
  89. Disability and the Global South (EISSN: 2050-7364)
  90. Disability Compliance for Higher Education (ISSN: 1086-1335,EISSN: 1943-8001)
  91. Disability Studies Quarterly (ISSN: 1041-5718,EISSN: 2159-8371)
  92. Disability World
  93. Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (ISSN: 2211-5242)
  94. Disability, culture and education (ISSN: 1538-2060,EISSN: 2169-124X)
  95. Disability, handicap & society (ISSN: 0267-4645)
  96. Disabled persons bulletin (ISSN: 1011-7814)
  97. DISAM Journal (ISSN: 1532-0359,EISSN: 1525-3236)
  98. Disarmament forum (ISSN: 1020-7287,EISSN: 1563-9037)
  99. Disarmament times (ISSN: 0259-3629)
  100. Disaster and Military Medicine (ISSN: 2054-314X)