There are 2,390 titles that begin with the letter L

  1. Law notes (ISSN: 1044-4564)
  2. Law notes (ISSN: 0141-5867)
  3. Law Notes (ABA)
  4. Law Notes for the General Practitioner (ISSN: 0023-9305,EISSN: 2573-1068)
  5. Law notes for the young lawyer (ISSN: 0458-8622)
  6. Law Now (ISSN: 0841-2626)
  7. Law of the Sea Bulletin (ISSN: 1015-1885,EISSN: 2218-6018)
  8. Law of Ukraine / Pravo Ukraini (ISSN: 1026-9932,EISSN: 2310-323X)
  9. Law of Ukraine: Legal Journal (ISSN: 0132-1331)
  10. Law Office Management & Administration Report (ISSN: 0735-4843)
  11. Law practice (ISSN: 1547-9102,EISSN: 1949-7660)
  12. Law practice management (ISSN: 1045-9081,EISSN: 2151-7894)
  13. Law practice quarterly
  14. Law Probability & Risk (ISSN: 1470-8396,EISSN: 1470-840X)
  15. Law quarterly review (ISSN: 0023-933X,EISSN: 2754-2130)
  16. Law Recorder, containing Reports of Cases, and Proceedings in the Courts of Law and Equity, &c. &c. &c. at Dublin and Elsewhere
  17. Law Recorder, containing Reports of Select Cases and Decisions, Chiefly on Points of Practice, in the Courts of Equity and Common Law in Ireland
  18. Law Reform: Jurnal Pembaharuan Hukum (ISSN: 1858-4810,EISSN: 2580-8508)
  19. Law Reporter
  20. Law Reporter - Journal de Jurisprudence
  21. Law reporter : Journal de jurisprudence
  22. Law reports of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. Cases determined in the Chancery Division and in lunacy and on appeal therefrom in the Court of Appeal
  23. Law reports of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. House of Lords, Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, and peerage cases
  24. Law reports. Appeal cases before the House of Lords and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, also peerage cases, 1880-1890
  25. Law reports. Chancery Division and cases in lunacy, and on appeal therefrom in the Court of Appeal
  26. The Law reports. Chancery Division, and on appeal therefrom in the Court of Appeal, and decisions in the Court of Protection (ISSN: 0264-1097)
  27. Law reports. Chancery Division. Family Division (ISSN: 0265-1211)
  28. Law reports. Family Division (ISSN: 0264-1119)
  29. The Law reports. House of Lords, and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, and peerage cases (ISSN: 0264-1135)
  30. Law reports. Queen's Bench Division (ISSN: 0264-1127)
  31. Law Review
  32. Law Review (ISSN: 2246-9435)
  33. Law Review (1866)
  34. Law Review and Quarterly Journal of British and Foreign Jurisprudence
  35. The Law Review Commons: open access journal
  36. Law Review of Kyiv University of Law (ISSN: 2219-5521)
  37. Law Review of Michigan State University Detroit College of Law (ISSN: 2693-1192)
  38. Law Review of the Academic College of Law
  39. Law review of the Law Department of the University of Detroit (ISSN: 0749-6257)
  40. Law Review, Government Law College
  41. Law School Bulletin
  42. Law School Bulletin
  43. Law Series of the Annals of the West University of Timisoara (ISSN: 1843-0651,EISSN: 2784-1871)
  44. Law Society Journal
  45. Law Society's gazette (ISSN: 0262-1495)
  46. Law Student
  47. Law Student's Helper
  48. Law Student's Monthly
  49. Law Students' Examination Chronicle
  50. Law Students' Journal
  51. Law Students' Magazine
  52. Law Students’ Magazine (New Series)
  53. Law teacher (ISSN: 0306-9400,EISSN: 1943-0353)
  54. The Law teacher (ISSN: 1072-0499)
  55. Law Times
  56. Law Times (U.S.) Courts Reports
  57. Law Times Reports
  58. Law Times Reports: Containing All the Cases Argued and Determined in the House of Lords
  59. Law under review
  60. law&history (ISSN: 2652-4201,EISSN: 2207-4325)
  61. Law, Crime & History (ISSN: 2045-9238)
  62. Law, Culture, and the Humanities (ISSN: 1743-8721,EISSN: 1743-9752)
  63. Law, Democracy & Development (ISSN: 2077-4907,EISSN: 1028-1053)
  64. Law, Environment and Development Journal (ISSN: 1746-5893)
  65. Law, Ethics and Philosophy (ISSN: 2341-1465)
  66. Law, identity and values (Online) (ISSN: 2786-2542,EISSN: 2786-3840)
  67. Law, Innovation and Technology (ISSN: 1757-9961,EISSN: 1757-997X)
  68. Law, medicine & health care (ISSN: 0277-8459,EISSN: 2151-7878)
  69. Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal (ISSN: 1467-0437)
  70. Law, Society & Organisations (EISSN: 2537-477X)
  71. Law, Technology and Humans (EISSN: 2652-4074)
  72. Law-Central
  73. Law/text/culture (ISSN: 1322-9060,EISSN: 2200-7121)
  74. Law: A Monthly Magazine of Legal Matters
  75. Law: Journal of the Higher School of Economics (ISSN: 2072-8166)
  76. Law: Journal of the University of Latvia (ISSN: 1691-7677,EISSN: 2592-9364)
  77. Lawasia journal (ISSN: 1441-3698)
  78. LAWBOOK FOR PHARMACY : The Pharmacy Law (Business and Professions Code 4000 et seq.), Excerpts from the Business and Professions Code, Board of Pharmacy Regulations (California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1700 et seq.), Excerpts from the Califo
  79. Lawffice Space [BLOG]
  80. Lawn & Landscape
  81. Laws (ISSN: 2075-471X)
  82. Laws and regulations relating to the practice of physician assistants
  83. Lawson Products, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile
  84. Lawson, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile
  85. Lawsuit (EISSN: 2828-0709)
  86. Lawyer (ISSN: 0953-7902)
  87. Lawyer (London, England)
  88. Lawyer 2 B (ISSN: 1756-1442)
  89. Lawyer and Banker and Bench and Bar Review
  90. Lawyer and Banker and Central Law Journal
  91. Lawyer and Banker and Southern Bench and Bar Review
  92. Lawyer and Law Notes
  93. Lawyer of the Americas (ISSN: 0023-9445,EISSN: 2328-4269)
  94. Lawyer Online
  95. Lawyer's and Magistrate's Magazine. In Which Is Included an Account of Every Important Proceeding in the Courts at Westminster during the Present Year. With the Decisions of the Judges in Their Own Words
  96. Lawyer2B
  97. Lawyers Guild review (ISSN: 0734-1598)
  98. Lawyers Scrap Book
  99. Lawyers Weekly (ISSN: 1447-7246)
  100. Lawyers' News