Revue d'économie politique

Alternate Titles:Revue Deconomie Politique
Rev Econ Polit
Rev. Econ. Polit
Categories:Business, Economy and Management - Economics
Available online:AvailabilityUsage Restrictions
ABI/INFORM CollectionAvailable from 2007/01/01 until 2016/05/31E-Reserve CMS Course Packs Link Print More Info Free Access Journals-Revues en accès libreAvailable from 2001 volume: 111 issue: 1
Most recent 2 year(s) not available
JSTOR Arts & Sciences XVAvailable from 1887/01/01 volume: 1 issue: 1
Most recent 3 year(s) not available
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Available in the library:
UofS Library CatalogueAvailable from 1963 volume: 73 until 1993 volume: 103