Families in Society

Alternate Titles:Fam Soc
Families In Society The Journal Of
Families In Society The Journal Of Contemporary Human Services
Fam Soc-j Contemp H
Fam. Soc
Publisher:Family Service America
Categories:Law - Crime, Criminology and Law Enforcement
Social Sciences - Community Based Awareness and Relief Service
Social Sciences - Disability Studies & Assistance
Social Sciences - Gender Studies
Social Sciences - General and Others
Social Sciences - Sociology
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Publisher/VendorAvailable from 2014 volume: 95 issue: 1 until 2016 volume: 97 issue: 4
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UofS Library CatalogueAvailable from 1990 volume: 71 until 2010 volume: 91
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Continues:Social casework (0037-7678)