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Application for Student Employment

Full time U of S Student: * OR Full-time SIAST student: *

College enrolled in: * Program of Study: * Year of Study: *

NSID (U of S students only):

First Name: * Last Name: *

Phone Number: * Alternate Phone Number:

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Are you legally entitled to work in Canada? *

Have you previously been employed by the University? * Yes No

Department: Supervisor:

Do you have any relatives employed at the University? Yes No

College/Department: Name:

Employment Equity Identification (Voluntary Declaration)

The University of Saskatchewan is committed to Employment Equity. We encourage you to self identify by checking the appropriate boxes.

Female Aboriginal person Visible minority Person with a disability

A timetable must be attached to be considered for employment

Step #1: Download and save the timetable file to your computer Download Fall/Winter Timetable Download Fall/Winter Timetable

Step #2: Open the file from your computer, complete the form and save

Step #3: Upload your saved file from your computer *

A resume and cover letter must be attached to be considered for employment

Be sure to include any job-related skills including computer and typing skills, office equipment you can operate, and languages spoken and written.

Ensure to list at least two persons, other than relatives and personal friends, who have knowledge of your work experience and/or education.

Select your cover letter file to upload: *

Select your resume file to upload: *

Additional notes about your application (optional): i.e. please call after 4pm, out of town July 20-30, etc

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If you have questions about submitting your application, please click here.

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