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Engineering Library

APEGS and the Engineering Library

APEGS (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan) provides an annual grant to both the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina libraries to assist in the purchase of materials for engineers and geoscientists. In return, the libraries have agreed to allow access to members of APEGS.

To borrow items, an APEGS member must obtain a card from the library they wish to use.

    This can be done as follows:
    1. Go to the circulation desk a the main (Murray) Library;
    2. Present your APEGS membership card
    3. You will be issued a FREE library card
    If you go to a branch library, (i.e. the Engineering Library), the procedure is the same as above - as long as it's during normal working hours. Otherwise, you will be sent to the Murray Library.


Always check the library's website first to make sure the library will be open. Library hours do change throughout the year.