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Alumni Access to Electronic Databases - Engineering Library
Alumni Access to Electronic Databases

All electronic databases are available to every person who uses computer stations in the library branches, regardless of status. However, only some electronic databases are remotely accessible by Alumni. Remote Alumni Access is available for the following databases:

In addition, there are a large variety of web-based information systems that are accessible to everyone.

    For example:
    Substech is a free and open knowledge source in Materials Engineering.

Cautionary Note:The primary purpose of bibliographic databases is to inform readers that articles on topics exist. To get the full text of an article is another step which requires permission to access electronic or paper copies of journals. Using the yellow "Find it" button or locating the journal title in our Catalogue is the next step. Unfortunately many electronic journals also have restricted access.

The restricted access arises because of costs. The amount the library system pays publishers is determined by the size of the audience. Our basic audience is defined as all the faculty, staff and students of the University of Saskatchewan.