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Electronic Journals in Law - Foreign Trade & Commercial Transactions

Journals 1 to 60 of 59

  1. Accountant's tax weekly
  2. Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy
  3. Airfinance Journal
  4. Akron tax journal
  5. The American Journal of International Law
  6. American University International Law Review
  7. Arizona journal of international and comparative law
  8. Asper review of international business and trade law
  9. Australian Business Law Review
  10. Australian mining & petroleum law journal
  11. Brookings-Wharton papers on financial services
  12. Canada-United States law journal
  13. Canadian tax highlights
  14. Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law
  15. China Law & Practice
  16. Columbia journal of transnational law
  17. Commercial Law Journal
  18. Connecticut journal of international law
  19. Debt3
  20. DePaul business & commercial law journal
  21. The EDI law review
  22. Energy Law Journal
  23. European accounting review
  24. European journal of international law
  25. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
  26. Florida international law journal
  27. Fordham international law journal
  28. Georgetown Journal of International Law
  29. Harvard International Review
  30. International law forum
  31. International Marketing Review
  32. International negotiation
  33. International Trade Forum
  34. The International trade journal
  35. Journal of Consumer Policy
  36. Journal of Euro - Marketing
  37. Journal of International Criminal Justice
  38. Journal of transnational law & policy
  39. Law and Business Review of the Americas
  40. Law and policy in international business
  41. Loyola consumer law review
  42. Loyola of Los Angeles international and comparative law annual
  43. Loyola of Los Angeles international and comparative law journal
  44. Maryland journal of international law and trade
  45. Melbourne Journal of International Law
  46. The modern law review
  47. NAFTA: law and business review of the Americas
  48. National Contract Management Journal
  49. North Carolina journal of international law
  50. Pacific Accounting Review
  51. Pharmaceutical Executive
  52. Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce
  53. Thunderbird International Business Review
  54. Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems
  55. Transportation law journal
  56. University of Pennsylvania journal of international business law
  57. University of Pennsylvania journal of international economic law
  58. Washington State Bar news
  59. World Trade Review