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Journals 101 to 200 of 493

  1. CITC: Conference On Information Technology Education
  2. CIVR: Conference On Image And Video Retrieval
  3. CLADE: International Workshop on Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments
  4. CODES: International Conference on Hardware Software Codesign
  5. COLT: Annual Workshop on Computational Learning Theory
  6. COMM: Applications, Technologies, Architectures,and Protocols for Computer Communication
  7. Communication design quarterly review
  8. Communications of the ACM
  9. Communications of the Association for Information Systems
  10. Computational linguistics - Association for Computational Linguistics
  11. COMPUTE: Annual Bangalore Compute Conference
  12. Computer architecture news
  13. Computer communication review
  14. Computer graphics
  15. Computer personnel
  16. Computers in entertainment
  17. Computers & society
  18. CoNEXT: International Conference On Emerging Networking Experiments And Technologies
  19. Conference proceedings - International Symposium on Computer Architecture
  20. Conference proceedings of the annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing
  21. Conference proceedings - SIGDOC (Conference : 1990- )
  22. Conference record of ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages
  23. Conference record of the ... Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages
  24. 3C on-line
  25. CPR: Special Interest Group on Computer Personnel Research Annual Conference
  26. CQL: Symposium on Computers and the Quality of Life
  27. Creativity & Cognition Conference
  28. CSCL : Computer Support for Collaborative Learning
  29. CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  30. CUU: ACM Conference on Universal Usability
  31. CVE: Collaborative Virtual Environments
  32. DAC
  33. DaMoN: Data Management On New Hardware
  34. DARE: Designing Augmented Reality Environments
  35. Data base
  36. DATE: Design, Automation, and Test in Europe
  37. DEBS: Distributed event-based systems
  38. DIAL M: Workshop on Discrete Algothrithms and Methods for MOBILE Computing and Communications
  39. DIM: Workshop On Digital Identity Management
  40. DIS: Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems
  41. DLS: Dynamic Languages Symposium
  42. DMKD: Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery
  43. DocEng: Document Engineering
  44. DPPI: Designing Pleasurable Products And Interfaces
  45. DRM: ACM Workshop On Digital Rights Management
  46. DSL: Domain-specific languages
  47. DS-RT: Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Application
  48. DUX: Designing For User Experiences
  49. EACL: European Chapter Meeting of the ACL
  50. EATIS: Euro American Conference On Telematics And Information Systems
  51. ECA: Ethics in the Computer Age
  52. EC: Electronic Commerce
  53. ECLIPSE: OOPSLA workshop on eclipse technology eXchange
  54. EDTC: European Design and Test Conference
  55. ELearn magazine
  56. EmNets: Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors
  57. EMSOFT: International Conference On Embedded Software
  58. ERLANG: Annual ERLANG Workshop
  59. ESEM
  60. ETRA: Eye Tracking Research & Application
  61. EuroSys: Eurosys Proceedings
  62. Evolutionary computation
  63. EW: ACM SIGOPS European Workshop
  64. ExpCS: Workshop On Experimental Computer Science
  65. FMSE: Workshop on Formal Methods in Security Engineering
  66. FMSP: Formal Methods in Software Practice
  67. FOIS: Formal Ontology in Information Systems
  68. ForTec forum
  69. Fortran forum
  70. FPCA: Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture
  71. FPGA: International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  72. Future Play: Future Play
  73. GECCO: Genetic And Evolutionary Computation Conference
  74. GetMobile
  75. GIR: Workshop On Geographic Information Retrieval
  76. GIS: Geographic Information Systems
  77. GLSVLSI Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI
  78. GLVLSI: Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI
  79. GPCE: Generative Programming And Component Engineering
  81. GRAPHITE: Computer graphics and interactive techniques in Australasia and South East Asia
  82. GRID: International Conference on Grid Computing
  83. GROUP: Conference on Supporting Group Work
  84. Haskell: Haskell
  85. HLT: Human Language Technology Conference
  86. HMI: History of Medical Informatics
  87. HOPL: History of Programming Languages
  88. HPDC: High Performance Distributed Computing
  89. HPG: High Performance Graphics
  90. HPW: History of Personal Workstations
  91. HRI: ACM SIGCHI/SIGART Human-Robot Interaction
  92. HSNC: History of Scientific and Numeric Computation
  93. Hypercube: Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications
  94. ICCAD: International Conference on Computer Aided Design.
  95. ICE: International Conference on Information and Computation Economies
  96. ICER: International Computing Education Research Workshop
  97. ICFP: International Conference on Functional Programming
  98. ICIS: International Conference on Information Systems
  99. ICLS: International Conference on Learning Sciences
  100. ICMI: ICMI