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EBSCOhost Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source Journals

Journals 1 to 100 of 176

  1. Acta orthopaedica
  2. Acta orthopaedica Scandinavica
  3. Acta orthopaedica. Supplementum
  4. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica
  5. Adapted physical activity quarterly
  6. Addiction
  7. Advances in Exercise and Sports Physiology
  8. Advances in physiotherapy
  9. Aging Male
  10. AMAA Journal
  11. American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Newsletter
  12. The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
  13. American journal of health promotion
  14. American Journal of Health Studies
  15. The American journal of medicine & sports
  16. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  17. American Journal of Public Health
  18. American journal on addictions
  19. American Rehabilitation
  20. Anazītīseis stī fysikī kai ton athlītismo
  21. Annals of human biology
  22. Annual Review of Nutrition
  23. Anxiety, stress & coping
  24. Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism
  25. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
  26. Archives of Physiotherapy
  27. Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
  28. Athletic therapy today
  29. Athletic training & sports health care
  30. Australian journal of nutrition and dietetics
  31. Biometrics
  32. BMC Sports Science Medicine and Rehabilitation
  33. British Journal of Health Psychology
  34. Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Diseases
  35. Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
  36. Canadian journal of applied physiology
  37. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
  38. Cardiopulmonary physical therapy journal
  39. Chiropractic journal of Australia
  40. Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology
  41. Clinical Drug Investigation
  42. Clinical exercise physiology
  43. Clinical physiology
  44. CNS Drugs
  45. Co-Kinetic Journal
  46. Contemporary rehab
  47. Current sports medicine reports
  48. Developmental neurorehabilitation
  49. Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technology
  50. Drug and Alcohol Review
  51. Drugs
  52. Drugs; Education, Prevention and Policy
  53. Eating disorders
  54. Eli rehab report
  55. Equipment Services
  56. European Journal of Nutrition
  57. European journal of physiotherapy
  58. European journal of sport science
  59. The Exercise, sports and sports medicine standards and malpractice reporter
  60. The Exercise standards and malpractice reporter
  61. Fizjoterapia
  62. Fizjoterapia Polska
  63. Food & nutrition research. Supplement
  64. Hrvatska revija za rehabilitacijska istraživanja
  65. International journal of aquatic research and education
  66. International journal of athletic therapy & training
  67. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  68. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
  69. International journal of MS care
  70. International journal of psychosocial rehabilitation
  71. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
  72. International journal of sport biomechanics
  73. International journal of sport nutrition
  74. International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism
  75. International journal of sports physiology and performance
  76. International Journal of Telerehabilitation
  77. International journal of therapy and rehabilitation
  78. International sportmed journal for FIMS
  79. Isokinetics and exercise science
  80. Journal of aging and physical activity
  81. Journal of applied biomechanics
  82. Journal of applied sport psychology
  83. Journal of Athletic Training
  84. Journal of back and musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  85. Journal of CyberTherapy and Rehabilitation
  86. Journal of dance medicine & science
  87. The journal of head trauma rehabilitation
  88. The Journal of manual & manipulative therapy
  89. Journal of Motor Behavior
  90. Journal of musculoskeletal pain
  91. Journal of neuroengineering & rehabilitation
  92. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
  93. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
  94. Journal of personality assessment
  95. Journal of physical activity & health
  96. Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Sciences / Fiziksel Týp ve Rehabilitasyon Bilimleri Dergisi
  97. Journal of Physical Therapy Education
  98. Journal of Rehabilitation
  99. Journal of rehabilitation administration
  100. Journal of rehabilitation medicine