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Ovid PsycARTICLES Journals

Journals 1 to 100 of 143

  1. African health sciences
  2. American journal of orthopsychiatry
  3. The American psychologist
  4. Archives of scientific psychology
  5. Asian American journal of psychology
  6. Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors
  7. Behavioral development bulletin
  8. Behavioral neuroscience
  9. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice
  10. The behavior analyst today
  11. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science
  12. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology
  13. Canadian journal of psychology
  14. Canadian psychological review
  15. Canadian psychologist
  16. Canadian Psychology
  17. Clinical practice in pediatric psychology
  18. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice & Research
  19. Couple and family psychology
  20. Crisis
  21. Cultural diversity and mental health
  22. Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology
  23. Decision
  24. Developmental psychology
  25. Dreaming
  26. Emotion
  27. Ethiopian journal of health sciences
  28. European journal of psychological assessment
  29. European psychologist
  30. Evolutionary behavioral sciences
  31. Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology
  32. Experimental psychology
  33. Families systems & health
  34. Family systems medicine
  35. GeroPsych
  36. Ghana medical journal
  37. Group dynamics
  38. Health psychology
  39. History of psychology
  40. The humanistic psychologist
  41. International journal of behavioral and consultation therapy
  42. International journal of play therapy
  43. International journal of stress management
  44. International perspectives in psychology
  45. The Journal of abnormal and social psychology
  46. The journal of abnormal psychology
  47. Journal of abnormal psychology
  48. The Journal of abnormal psychology and social psychology
  49. Journal of animal behavior
  50. Journal of applied psychology
  51. Journal of behavioral health and medicine
  52. Journal of behavior analysis in health, sports, fitness and medicine
  53. The journal of behavior analysis of offender and victim treatment and prevention
  54. Journal of behavior assessment and intervention in children
  55. The Journal of comparative and physiological psychology
  56. Journal of comparative psychology
  57. Journal of comparative psychology
  58. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
  59. Journal of consulting psychology
  60. Journal of counseling psychology
  61. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education
  62. Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention
  63. Journal of educational psychology
  64. Journal of experimental psychology
  65. Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes
  66. Journal of experimental psychology. Animal learning and cognition
  67. Journal of experimental psychology. Applied
  68. Journal of experimental psychology. General
  69. Journal of experimental psychology. Human learning and memory
  70. Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance
  71. Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition
  72. Journal of family psychology
  73. Journal of individual differences
  74. Journal of Latina/o psychology
  75. Journal of media psychology
  76. Journal of neuroscience, psychology, and economics
  77. Journal of occupational health psychology
  78. Journal of personality & social psychology
  79. Journal of personnel psychology
  80. Journal of psychophysiology
  81. Journal of psychotherapy integration
  82. The journal of speech and language pathology, applied behavior analysis
  83. Journal of theoretical and philosophical psychology
  84. Journal of threat assessment and management
  85. Law and Human Behavior
  86. Malawi medical journal
  87. Methodology
  88. Military psychology
  89. Motivation science
  90. Neuropsychology
  91. Nordic psychology
  92. PACEsetterS
  93. Peace and conflict
  94. Personality disorders
  95. Practice innovations
  96. Prevention & treatment
  97. Professional psychology
  98. Professional psychology, research & practice
  99. Professional school psychology
  100. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal