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Electronic Journals Beginning with I
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There are 6,265 ejournals that start with I.

  1. ICFAI Journal of Infrastructure
  2. The ICFAI Journal of Insurance Law
  3. ICFAI Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
  4. ICFAI Journal of International Business
  5. ICFAI Journal of International Business Law
  6. ICFAI Journal of Life Sciences
  7. The ICFAI Journal of Managerial Economics
  8. ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management
  9. The ICFAI journal of mergers & acquisitions
  10. The ICFAI Journal of Operations Management
  11. The ICFAI Journal of Organizational Behavior
  12. ICFAI Journal of Public Finance
  13. The ICFAI Journal of Risk & Insurance
  14. The ICFAI Journal of Service Marketing
  15. ICFAI Journal of Soft Skills
  16. The ICFAI Journal of Supply Chain Management
  17. ICFAI University Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  18. Icfai University journal of genetics and evolution
  19. ICFAI University journal of physics
  20. The ICFAI University journal of structural engineering
  21. ICFAI University journal of telecommunications
  22. ICFP: International Conference on Functional Programming
  23. Ichnos
  24. The ICHPER-SD Journal of Research in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport & Dance
  25. Ichthyological bulletin
  26. Ichthyological Research
  27. I.C.I.R.I. bulletin
  28. ICIS Chemical Business
  29. ICIS Chemical Business Americas
  30. ICIS: International Conference on Information Systems
  32. ICL journal
  33. ICLS: International Conference on Learning Sciences
  34. ICMI: ICMI
  35. ICMI: International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces
  36. ICMR bulletin
  37. ICN.com Financial Markets
  38. Icoana Credinței
  39. Icon
  40. Iconarp International Journal of Architecture and Planning
  41. IconoFacto
  42. Iconos
  43. ICONS International Conference on Systems
  44. ICPS newsletter
  45. I/C Revista científica de información y comunicación
  46. ICRISAT annual report
  47. ICRP publication
  48. ICSC Congress on Computational Intelligence Methods and Applications, CIMA
  49. ICS cleaning specialist
  50. ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering
  51. ICSE Workshop on Comparison and Versioning of Software Models, CVSM
  52. ICSE Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software Engineering, CHASE
  53. ICSE Workshop on Leadership and Management in Software Architecture, LMSA
  54. ICSE Workshop on Multicore Software Engineering, IWMSE
  55. ICSE Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service Oriented Systems, PESOS
  56. ICSE Workshop on Search-Driven Development-Users, Infrastructure, Tools and Evaluation, SUITE
  57. ICSE Workshop on Software Development Governance, SDG
  58. ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges of Cloud Computing, CLOUD
  59. ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering, SECSE
  60. ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering Foundations for End User Programming, SEEUP
  61. ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering in Health Care, SEHC
  62. ICSE Workshop on Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering, TEFSE
  63. ICSE Workshop on Wikis for Software Engineering, WIKIS4SE
  64. ICSID review
  65. ICS: International Conference on Supercomputing
  66. ICSOC: International Conference On Service Oriented Computing
  67. ICSSPE Bulletin
  68. ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
  69. ICTACT Journal on Image & Video Processing
  70. ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
  71. ICT Express
  72. Ictineus
  73. ICT Monitor Worldwide
  74. ICTON Mediterranean Winter Conference
  75. ICU director
  76. ID
  77. Idaho archaeologist
  78. The Idaho Business Review
  79. Idaho Law Journal
  80. Idaho law review
  81. The Idaho librarian
  82. Idaho yesterdays
  83. IDCases
  84. IDC: Interaction Design And Children
  85. IDC quarterly
  86. Ide
  87. IDEA Fitness Journal
  88. IDEA health & fitness source
  89. Ideal Home and Garden
  90. IDE APEC Study Center working paper series
  91. IDEA personal trainer
  92. IdeAs
  93. Ideas for development in the Americas
  94. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution
  95. IDEAS Working Paper Series from RePEc
  96. Ideas y Valores
  97. IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review
  98. IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology
  99. IDEA: The PTC Journal of Research and Education
  100. IDEA today