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Electronic Journals Beginning with J
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There are 6,934 ejournals that start with J.

  1. JAMA surgery
  2. James Baldwin Journal
  3. James Cook mathematical notes
  4. James Cook University law review
  5. James Dickey Review
  6. James Joyce Online Notes
  7. James Joyce quarterly
  8. James S. Coleman African Center newsletter
  9. Jamestown Sun (Jamestown, ND)
  10. The James White review
  11. JAMSTEC Report of Research and Development
  12. Jane's Airport Review
  13. Jane's Defence Industry
  14. Jane's Transport Finance
  15. Janesville Gazette (Janesville, WI)
  16. Jangada
  17. Jangwa pana
  18. Janus
  19. JANUS : Estudios sobre el Siglo de Oro
  20. Janus head
  21. JANUS.NET : e-journal of International Relations
  22. JAOCS, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society
  23. Japan
  24. Japan and the world economy
  25. Japan - Australia Business Report
  26. Japan Autos Report
  27. Japan-China Joint Workshop on Frontier of Computer Science and Technology (FCST)
  28. Japan Country Monitor
  29. Japan Country Profile
  30. Japan Country Review
  31. Japan Country Risk Report
  32. Japan defence & security report
  33. Japanese Biotechnology & Medical Technology
  34. Japanese Circulation Journal
  35. Japanese Clinical Medicine
  36. The Japanese dental science review
  37. The Japanese economic review
  38. The Japanese economy
  39. Japanese heart journal
  40. Japanese High Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy Technologies
  41. Japanese journal of applied physics
  42. Japanese journal of clinical oncology
  43. Japanese journal of human genetics
  44. Japanese journal of mathematics New series
  45. Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology
  46. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology
  48. Japanese Journal of Political Science
  49. Japanese journal of psychiatry and neurology
  50. Japanese Journal of Radiology
  51. The Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine
  52. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
  53. Japanese journal of rheumatology
  54. Japanese journal of surgery
  56. Japanese Journal of Trauma and Emergency Medicine
  57. The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
  58. Japanese language and literature
  59. Japanese Nanotechnologies
  60. Japanese New Materials
  61. Japanese Political Economy
  62. Japanese Political Science Review
  63. Japanese psychological research
  64. Japanese studies
  65. Japanese yearbook of international law
  66. Japan focus
  67. Japan Food Products & Service Journal
  68. Japan Food Service Journal
  69. Japan forum
  70. Japan Freight Transport Report
  71. Japan International Symposium Electronic Manufacturing Technology
  72. Japan journal
  73. Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  74. Japan journal of nursing science
  75. Japan labor review
  76. Japan Market Information
  77. Japan Medical Association journal
  78. Japan Petrochemicals Report
  79. Japan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report
  80. Japan Railway & Transport Review (JRTR)
  81. Japan Ship Building
  82. Japan 21stNihon Kogyo Shimbun
  83. Japanstudien
  84. Japan telecom
  85. Japan Telecommunications Report
  86. Japan Times
  87. Japan Times
  88. Japan Toy and Game Software Journal
  89. Japan-U.S. business report
  90. The JAPS
  91. JARE data reports
  92. JARE data reports. Seismology
  93. JARID. Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities
  94. JARQ
  95. JASLS Reports: Newsletter of Japanese American Society for Legal Studies
  96. The Jasper news
  97. JASSA
  98. JASSS
  99. JAVA developer's journal
  100. JAVA: Java Grande Conference