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Electronic Journals Beginning with Y
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There are 146 ejournals that start with Y.

  1. Yachaikuna
  2. Yachana
  3. Yachting
  4. Yachts International
  5. Yaderna Fizyka ta Enerhetyka
  6. Yafteh
  7. Yahoo! Internet Life
  8. YaʾItyopyā ḥeg maṣḥét
  9. Yakhteh
  10. The Yakima herald. (North Yakima, W.T. [Wash.]) 1889-1914
  11. Yakima Herald-Republic (Yakima, WA)
  12. Yak's Corner (National Magazine)
  13. Yale Art Gallery bulletin
  14. Yale Economic Review
  15. Yale French studies
  16. YaleGlobal Online
  17. Yale human rights & development law journal
  18. The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine
  19. Yale journal of biology and medicine
  20. The Yale Journal of Criticism
  21. Yale journal of health policy, law, and ethics
  22. Yale journal of international affairs
  23. The Yale journal of international law
  24. Yale journal of law and feminism
  25. Yale Journal of Law & Technology
  26. Yale journal of law & the humanities
  27. Yale Journal of Sociology
  28. The Yale journal of world public order
  29. Yale Journal on Regulation
  30. The Yale Law Journal
  31. Yale Law Journal Forum
  32. Yale law & policy review
  33. The Yale literary magazine
  34. The Yale review
  35. Yale Review of Law and Social Action
  36. Yale studies in world public order
  37. Yale University Art Gallery bulletin
  38. The Yale University library gazette
  39. Yankee
  40. Yara. Financial Report
  41. Yaratici Drama Dergisi
  42. Yard & Garden
  43. Yard & Garden Online News
  44. Yasodhara-Newsletter on International Buddhist Women's Activities
  45. YBL Journal of Built Environment
  46. Yíchuán xuébào
  47. YC Young Children
  48. Yearbook - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  49. Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
  50. Year book, Australia
  51. Yearbook - Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers
  52. Yearbook - Faculty of Philology
  53. Yearbook for traditional music
  54. Yearbook - International Maritime Committee
  55. Yearbook - International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
  56. Yearbook of anthropology
  57. Yearbook of comparative literature
  58. Yearbook of Conrad Studies (Poland)
  59. Yearbook of English studies
  60. Yearbook of European Law
  61. Yearbook of International Environmental Law
  62. Yearbook of international financial and economic law
  63. Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law
  64. Yearbook of international organizations
  65. Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern law
  66. Yearbook of law, computers, and technology
  67. Yearbook of medical informatics
  68. Yearbook of New Zealand jurisprudence
  69. Yearbook of Polish European studies
  70. The Yearbook of school law
  71. Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council
  72. Yearbook of the International Law Commission
  73. Yearbook of the International Society of History Didactics / Jahrbuch der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Geschichtsdidaktik
  74. The ... yearbook of the National Council on Measurement in Education
  75. The ... yearbook of the National Council on Measurements Used in Education
  76. Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education
  77. The Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies
  78. Yearbook on International Arbitration
  79. Yearbook (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law)
  80. A year in review ...
  81. Yearly report
  82. Year 2000 practitioner
  83. The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
  84. Year's work in English studies
  85. The Year's work in modern language studies
  86. Yeast
  87. Yeats Eliot Review
  88. Yellowknifer
  89. Yemen Country Review
  90. Yemen defence & security report
  91. Yemeni Journal for Medical Sciences
  92. Ye News Letter
  93. Yeni symposium psikiyatri ve nörolojik bilimler dergisi
  94. Yesterday and Today
  95. Yükseköğretim ve Bilim Dergisi
  96. Yliopisto
  97. Yod
  98. Yoga Journal
  99. Yoga therapy in practice
  100. Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan)