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Signature Research Areas


Following an extensive campus-wide consultation process, a consensus has emerged around a list of six distinctive research areas that will bring the University of Saskatchewan high-profile recognition, positioning us among the most distinguished universities in Canada and among the very best in the world.

The signature areas will be shared widely with external and internal stakeholders to help the U of S achieve sustainable and pre-eminent research impact. These "signature areas" are areas of outstanding achievement enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place.

Specific selection criteria included relevance to issues of national and international priority; impact for the benefit/betterment of society; contributions to innovation; strategic significance to Canada and the world; ability to attract resources; prominent reputation; and significant collaboration and engagement.

Source: Office of the Vice-President Research, University of Saskatchewan 


*Please click on the links below for more information on the University of Saskatchewan's "signature areas":


 *Aboriginal Peoples: Engagement and Scholarship: Indigneous Studies Portal (Online) Report (PDF)

 *Agriculture: Food and Bioproducts for a Sustainable Future: Online LibGuide
    Food & Bioproducts Report 
(PDF) | Library Assessment: Global Food Security Innovation Institute (PDF)

 *One Health: Solutions at the Animal-Human-Environment Interface: Report (PDF) | Online LibGuide

 *Energy and Mineral Resources: Technology and Public Policy for a Sustainable Environment: Online LibGuide

 *Synchrotron Sciences: Innovation in Health, Environment and Advanced Technologies: Online LibGuide

 *Water Security: Stewardship of the World's Freshwater Resources: Report (PDF) | Online LibGuide