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For the past 18 months, the Commission on First Nations and Métis Peoples and Justice Reform has been holding Community Dialogues throughout the province, receiving presentations and conducting on-site visits to various facilities. This part of the process was designed to gather information from people working in the justice system as well as from those people who have been in contact with the system. The Commissioners were committed to hearing from as many people as possible in order to develop solutions for the problems that have been identified.

Attached to this page is a comprehensive list of where the Commission has been since April, 2002. It attended 15 community dialogues, hosted three town hall meetings and conducted nine roundtables.

The Justice Reform Commission has received presentations from 40 organizations and they made 14 site visits to youth centres, correctional centres and other facilities. It has benefitted from the wisdom of Elders at meetings organized by the Office of the Treaty Commission. A day-long session with Métis Elders also delivered a strong message to the Commission.

Commissioners and staff have attended numerous conferences and seminars and held meetings with individuals and organizations. Interim reqports were released May 2002 and January 2003 (these reports are available on the internet). The Commission will be releasing another interim report in October 2003.

The Commissioners and I would like to acknowledge the role played by the thousands of people who have participated in this process and will contribute greatly to the final report that will be released in June 2004.

On behalf of the Commissioners and staff we sincerely thank you.

Willie Littlechild
Commission Chair


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