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Mr. J. Wilton Littlechild, O.C., Q.C., I.P.C.,
Mr. J. Wilton Littlechild, O.C., Q.C., I.P.C., acquired his Law Degree from the University of Alberta in 1976. Mr. Littlechild was the first Treaty Indian in Alberta to graduate with a law degree and the first Treaty Indian elected to Canadian Parliament. He is an outstanding athlete and continues to be heavily involved as an organizer in sporting events and was inducted into four Sports Halls of Fame. He received the Order of Canada in 1999.

As a Member of Parliament (1988-1993), Mr. Littlechild served on several senior committees in the House of Commons and was a parliamentary delegate to the United Nations. At the international level, he organized a coalition of Indigenous Nations that sought and gained consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and has now been appointed by the ECOSOC President to the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples. He has been recognized as Queen's Counsel and Indigenous Peoples Counsel by the legal profession. Mr. Littlechild speaks Cree, English and French.

Mr. Hugh Harradence, Q.C.,
Mr. Hugh Harradence, Q.C., is a partner with the law firm of Harradence Logue Holash in Prince Albert, and practises as a litigator in both criminal and civil matters. Mr. Harradence was appointed Queen's Counsel for Saskatchewan in 1999 and has recently been active as a Coroner for four inquest investigations regarding the deaths of Aboriginal victims in Saskatoon.

Mr. Harradence is the former president of the Canadian Bar Association, Saskatchewan Branch and has been a significant contributor within the legal community.

Ms. Glenda Cooney,
Ms Glenda Cooney is currently serving as Deputy Children's Advocate in Saskatchewan and is former Deputy Ombudsman for Saskatchewan. Ms Cooney is Past-President of the John Howard Society of Canada and contributor to several United Nations forums on criminal justice. She has worked for the Solicitor General of Canada in policing, corrections and parole, and was a member of the National Parole Board of Canada.

Ms. Cooney has served for years as an advocate for community-based restorative justice and alternative dispute resolution.

Mr. Joe Quewezance,
Mr. Joe Quewezance served as the elected Tribal Chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council for six consecutive two-year terms, between October 1988 and October 2000. While serving his terms as Tribal Chief, Mr. Quewezance represented the Saskatoon Tribal Council on the Boards of the Saskatoon Indian Institute of Technology and the Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation.

Mr. Quewezance has been very involved in the social and economic development of the Aboriginal community in Saskatoon. As a member of the Yellow Quill First Nation, Mr. Quewezance served as Chief for ten years and as a band councillor for several years.

Ms. Irene Fraser,
Ms. Irene Fraser is a grandmother with a Métis background. She is also the Regional Manager of the Aboriginal Unit for the National Parole Board, Prairie Region in Saskatoon. She has been involved in several areas of the justice system for approximately twenty years. In her current work, Ms. Fraser has been heavily involved in the development and coordination of Elder and community-assisted parole hearings, as well as in developing and presenting to Aboriginal communities on legislation, policies and practices of the National Parole Board.

Ms. Fraser has served on numerous boards of organizations locally, provincially and nationally, many of which have been related to Aboriginal issues.

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