Herstory: An Exhibition

"...under represented in the higher levels and over-represented in the lower."

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Elsie Hall
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For more than 100 years, Canadian women have been struggling for equal access to education. Herstory has recorded a few of the "firsts" in that struggle. Although we know the names of these women because they were first, many others, whose names we have forgotten, persisted in the struggle. To them modern women owe their opportunities to study where they please.

Once they won the chance to receive an education, women still had many difficulties to overcome. Some were discouraged by their families, others made to feel like outcasts, even by their own sex. They took strength from within themselves and from other women struggling to learn.

...women, once they have entered academic life, are distributed in a manner unfailingly non-random: they are under-represented in the higher levels and over-represented in the lower.
(Helen MacGill Hughes)

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