Organizations: La Fédération nationale Saint-Jean Baptiste

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Founded in 1907 to provide an organization for francophone, Roman Catholic women, the Fédération championed many of the same charitable and social causes as the National Council. The Fédération worked to provide pure milk, for better maternal and child care, for improvements in the legal status of Quebec women.

A journalist, social activist and founding member of the Fédération nationale, Joséphine Dandurand (Herstory 1988), fought for improved salaries for women teachers, for schools of home economics and for higher education for women.

One of the founders of the Fédération nationale, and its legal expert, Marie Lacoste Gérin-Lajoie (Herstory 1989), worked for suffrage and for the alleviation of women's disadvantages under the civil code of Quebec.

Also a founder of the Fédération nationale, Caroline Dessaulles Béique (Herstory 1994), was particularly interested in the efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality and to provide pure milk for poor city children.

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