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Cora Hind (Herstory 1974), world authority on crop predictions, was for many years the agricultural editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. When she first arrived in Winnipeg she had applied to work for the Free Press, but was told it was no job for a woman.

She pursued other paths and became known as an agricultural expert, making her first crop prediction in 1898. Her growing fame made the Free Press reconsider, and in 1901, they hired her as an agricultural reporter. In 1904, as agricultural editor, she published the first of 29 annual predictions about prairie wheat crops. These were used around the world and became the basis for determining the world price for Canadian wheat.

Cora also saw agriculture as a business, and was the first agricultural journalist to write about it as if it were. She was also involved in the suffrage movement and in rural women's organizations. She was a featured speaker at the founding convention of the Saskatchewan Homemakers Club (Herstory 1974) in 1911 where she told the women they should take advantage of any labour saving device possible, and encouraged them to be active.

There is much more interest taken in breeding hogs in Western Canada than there is in breeding children.
(E. Cora Hind)

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