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". . .down from the sky world a woman fell, a divine person."

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In its 1979 profile of Mary Lucas, Herstory asked "Could there be any career more difficult for a woman to enter than one dominated by males for nearly 2000 years?" Lucas, an ordained Anglican minister, spoke eloquently of the personal hardship, admitting "she never assumes now that anyone will be glad to see her, or will approve of her," adding "nobody wants to be different. It means being very lonely and isolated." Nevertheless, Canadian society has benefitted from the work of women from every denomination, committed to faith revealed through community service. From the first calendar in 1974, Herstory has documented the achievements of these women: nuns Marguerite Bourgeoys (Herstory 1977) and Élisabeth Bruyère (Herstory 1991); academic Kathie Storrie (Herstory 1981) and Notokao Ada Muskego (Herstory 1979); ministers Joan McMurtry (Herstory 1979) and Sally Boyle (Herstory 1990); and organizations like Canadian Women and Religion (Herstory 1981), The Daughters of Israel (Herstory 1991), and Canadian Girls in Training (Herstory 1977). Despite the very obvious contributions of these women, and the gradual evolution toward accepting the ordination of women as ministers, the hope of a 1975 Herstory editorial remains:

Some day, all women may say of their church that it will: "welcome all of me, my spirit, my intellect, my whole being; not just my body in the fruits of my labour."

Christ was a true democrat. He was a believer in women; and never in His life did He discriminate against them.
(Nellie McClung, 1916)

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