Index to Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar 1974-1995

This index covers the first 20 issues of Herstory. It functions as a guide to the contents of the calendars, most of which are only sampled in this web display.

The 20 issues of Herstory provide short biographies on several thousand Canadian women, thousands of photographs of women and women's art, plus a number of poems and essays. The sources and notes at the end of each issue offer useful starting points for further research into the various topics.

This index was compiled for internal use by the Collective and still reflects this origin. It remains basically a names index.

Search results will display the name of the woman or group, an indication that the item is a biography, a photo or an artwork, plus the year and page on which the article appears.

The University of Saskatchewan Libraries own a complete set of Herstory. Sets may also be purchased from Coteau Books, the publishers of the Calendar.

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