Herstory: An Exhibition

" . . . as lovable as Dylan Thomas"

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Rosanna Leprohon
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Canadian women diarists, journalists, fiction writers, publishers and poets have been writing about our lives since before Confederation, in both official languages and in many of the other languages Canadians speak. Some have been, or are, famous; others have been all but forgotten. They articulate for us what it is like to be here, show us the meanings that emerge in the lives of Canadian women.

Herstory has been able to include only a relative handful in its pages; even 20 years of calendars has not given us time or space to do more than attempt the merest sample of the historical and contemporary riches available to us in the writing of Canadian women.

The liberation of women will not be complete until a female writer can get up on stage and read poetry, dead drunk...and stagger...and still be considered as loveable as Dylan Thomas.
(Margaret Atwood, 1979)

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