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Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Library Journals
Borrowing Materials Electronic Journals
Returning Materials Databases
Lost Materials Connecting From Home
Reserve Materials Research Assistance
Photocopying Library Orientations
Information Technology

About the Library

Facts and figures
Phone and fax numbers, address

Directions and map
Parking on Campus

Borrowing Materials

Who may borrow from the Health Sciences Library?
If I forget my card, can I just give my student number?

Is there a limit on the number of books I can take out? 

How do I renew books?
Can I recommend a book for the Library to purchase?

The Catalogue says that the book (or journal is on the shelf, but it's not. Where would it be?

Returning Materials

Do I have to return material to the same Library that it was signed out from?

Lost Materials

What happens if I lose Library material?

Reserve Materials

My professor said that he/she put materials "on reserve". What does that mean?
Can I take reserve materials out overnight?

Can I take reserve materials out of the Library?


Where are the photocopiers?
Where can I buy a photocopy card?
Can I use change at the photocopiers?

Where can I get change?
Can I use my card from another university?

Can I make overheads in the photocopiers?

Information Technology

What is an NSID?
Where is the computer lab?

Can I install my software/CD on a library computer?

Can I download information from the Internet on to my own disc?

Can I use wireless technology in the library?


What is a journal? Isn't it the same as a magazine?
Can I find journal articles in the Library Catalogue?

What journals does the Health Sciences Library currently receive?

Can all journals be borrowed?

Do I need a call number to find journals at the Health Sciences Library?

How do I find a journal when the name of the journal is actually an abbreviation, such as JAMA or BMJ?

My journal title seems to be abbreviated. How do I find out what it stands for?

What does the catalogue mean when it says the journal is in storage?

How can I tell which journals are "peer reviewed"?

Electronic journals

What electronic journals are available in the Health Sciences Library?
I'm at the publisher's site, but I'm being asked for a user ID and password, what do I do now?


What is a database?
Which database should I use for my paper?

Can I request to have a database search done for me?

Connecting from Home

I'd like to search the Library Catalogue and do some research from home. How do I do this?

Research Assistance

I can't find what I'm looking for. Can someone help me?
I'm starting a research proposal/major research project, but need some guidance. Is this available?

Library Orientations

I'd like my class to become familiar with the Library. How do I book an orientation session?



Leslie & Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library E1400 - 104 Clinic Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 2Z4 Telephone: (306) 966-5991
Facsimile: (306) 966-5918