• Health Sciences and Veterinary Medicine materials are borrowed from the Leslie and Irene Dube Health Sciences Library
  • Materials from all other libraries (Education & Music, Engineering, Law, Science, and the STM Shannon Library) are borrowed from the Murray Library.

Both units can process requests for journal articles from our licensed electronic journals.  Please note that lending of journal articles is determined by individual publisher licensing agreements. Some journals do not permit interlibrary loan of their contents.  

Books, microfilm and other circulating items are shipped via Canada Post.  Documents and copies are supplied as an email attachment.   

Please submit borrowing requests through your interlibrary loan system (Relais, VDX, OCLC) using the following library symbols:

Submit a Request

From the Murray Library use the form below. Murray ILL uses IFM for all OCLC requests.

  • Library and Archives Canada (Amicus) - SSU
  • OCLC code - UOH
  • Or include your library symbol in the appropriate field 

From the Health Sciences Library submit by email to ill.ssum@usask.ca. Do not use the form.
This ILL unit uses EFTS and IFM fee systems.

  • Docline code - SKCSKS
  • Library and Archives Canada (Amicus) - SSUM
  • OCLC code - CNHSL

ILL Requests from the Murray Library