This site could not have been possible without the time and talents of numerous individuals.

Executive sponsor:

  • Vicki Williamson, Dean of the University Library

Development Team:

  • Cheryl Avery, Archivist, University Archives
  • David Bindle, Special Collections Librarian
  • Deborah Lee, Aboriginal Engagement and Indigenous Studies Liaison Librarian

Project Assistants:

  • Joanne Abrahamson
  • George Gingras
  • Claire Thomson

Database Development:

  • Rita Chillak
  • Dee Gibson
  • Tim Hutchinson
  • Joel Salt


  • Mark Altman (programing)
  • David Brown (programing)
  • Carrie Gates (design)
  • Jarett Mardell (programing)
  • John Ogresko (360° images)
  • Randy Skurdal (project management)
  • Jin Zhang (project management)


  • Cheryl Avery
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Duf Spafford

IT support:

  • Karim Tharani

University Art Collection:

  • Kent Archer
  • Blair Barbeau

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology:

  • Dr. Ernie Walker

Exhibitions Committee:

  • David Bindle
  • Craig Harkema
  • Deborah Lee
  • Joel Salt
  • Karim Tharani
  • Edna Warrington

Home page image credits:

Metis banner:

  • vest - University of Saskatchewan department of Anthropology & Archaeology
  • sash - photo courtesy realm artistix
  • Red River cart illustration -by William Perehudoff, courtesy Saskatchewan Archives Board, S-MN-B3122

Inuit banner:

  • bird - applique detail from mitten, University of Saskatchewan department of Anthropology & Archaeology
  • sculpture - “Bear and Walrus,” by Kapik Kolola. Stone, 1977.
  • artwork - “Evil Spirits,” by Myra Kookeeout. Stonecut on paper, 1971.

First Nations banner:

  • Treaty 6 medal - University of Saskatchewan Special Collections
  • Dancer in regalia - photograph by Hans Dommasch, University of Sasktchewan Archives
  • parfleche - University of Saskatchewan department of Anthropology and Archaeology

We would like to thank Craig Harkema (Special Resources), Darlene Fichter (Murray Branch), and Professor Emeritus Duff Spafford for their advice and support; and gratefully acknowledge the work of Library and Archives Canada for research and development of Aboriginal author collections.