Aboriginal Justice & Criminology Program

Illustration: U of S Archives, A-11676 Professor Les Samuelson, Sociology, with Aboriginal Justice Program students Lorraine Penner (l.) and Tanis Demarais. Bio/historical note: Image appeared in November 13, 1998 OCN.

The Department of Sociology's Aboriginal Justice & Criminology Program at the University of Saskatchewan is the only program of its kind in North America.  It explores  the impact of discrimination on the lives of Aboriginal men, women and youth and studies the steps that Aboriginal communities are taking to reclaim their justice practices and stop the continued over-representation of their citizens in the Canadian criminal justice system.  A degree in Sociology with Aboriginal Justice & Criminology prepares students for a career in criminal justice. Students are also encouraged to develop their research skills, and graduates may advance to degrees such as a Master’s or Ph.D. in Sociology or a Bachelor of Laws.