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Library Student Assistant Scholarship
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The U of S Library is one of the largest academic student employers on campus.

Student assistants work at peak times during the day, evenings, and weekends including summer. They answer reference questions, perform circulation duties, photocopy, scan documents to create digital library collections, perform data entry and most importantly, shelve and shift books and journals. These tasks are essential.

In 2003 Linda Fritz, then Head of Research Services, established an endowment which funds an annual scholarship for a Library student assistant. The University Library would like to create additional endowments for student assistant employment. Gifts to establish these endowments may support salaries for additional student interns and support increased operating hours at the different branches.

Endowments supporting student assistants in the U of S Library will enable the library to offer meaningful employment and professional opportunities to our students.

For additional information, contact:
Dean's Office
University Library
(306) 966-5927