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Dean's Award for Excellence

Nominate an individual or team for the University Library Dean's Award for Excellence today! The deadline to submit nominations is the last working day in March.  

Award Information


The award, established in 2007, recognizes library employees for their exceptional demonstration of the core values of both the university and the library, and their exemplary service/work toward fulfilling the library mission.

The award may be made to an individual library employee and/or team. For the purpose of this award, a team consists of two or more individuals who interact dynamically and interdependently to achieve specified, shared and valued organizational objectives for which they are collectively responsible.


An annual call for nominations is made by the Dean of the University Library in February of each year with nominations closing on the last working day in March.

Nominations for the award(s) are considered by a Nominations Review Committee (NRC) appointed by the Dean. The NRC is comprised of the Associate Dean, the University Library HR Manager, a past award recipient and a member of the university community from another college/administrative unit.

Award recipient(s) from the previous year and out-of-scope library employees are not eligible for the award.

The NRC considers the nominations and makes recommendations to the Dean on the allocation of the award(s). The NRC may also provide advice on the award criteria and/or selection process in light of their experiences in any one year.

Nomination for the award(s) is open to all library employees holding a continuing appointment.

Library employees may be nominated in multiple and/or successive years, but are limited to being named as the award recipient(s) to once every five years. As all nominees are celebrated each year, nominations will not be held over to the following year.

Certificates of Commendation are issued by the Dean to all employees nominated for the award.

The NRC makes its recommendations based on the information and evidence provided in the nomination package. Criteria used by the NRC in making its recommendations may include factors such as the extent to which the nomination is supported by specific examples and evidence, and the breadth of support for the nomination.

Nominations must be made using the appropriate forms provided. Nominees must sign the nomination form indicating their agreement to be nominated prior to the submission of the nomination.

Nominations may be made by an individual or a group and may come from within the library or from the greater library community (e.g. library patrons, suppliers, etc.) and/or a combination of both.

Self nomination is not permitted.

Nominations must show how the individual or team has demonstrated behaviours in the workplace which reflect the university and library values and/or provided exemplary service/work toward fulfilling the library mission, either over a sustained period and/or in response to particular circumstances and/or through a special project. The impact of the behaviours or services provided may be highlighted on the appropriate documentation, adding strength to the overall nomination.

An annual award celebration and presentation ceremony is hosted by the Dean in June of each year, where all nominees (individuals and/or teams) are recognized and the recipient(s) of the award(s) is announced.

The Award

The award is valued at $1,000 and is intended to support the career development and/or enhance the working environment of the recipient(s). A maximum of two awards may be made in any one year; one each in the categories of individual and team. In circumstances where there are no nominations or nominations do not meet an appropriate standard, no award will be made.

The expenditure of the award funds will be administrated through a library account and authorized by the Dean. The exact nature of the expenditure will be determined on a case-by-case basis following discussions between the Dean and the award recipient(s).

Nominations & Further Information

Nominations must reach the Executive Assistant to the Dean, University Library no later than the last working day of March. For further information, please contact 966-5942 or library.ea@usask.ca.

Nomination Form - Individual | Team - Use this form to begin your nomination. In this form you will fill in all necessary information about the nominators and the nominee(s)

Sponsor Statement - Individual | Team - The nominators (or sponsors) will provide their statement and/or case for why their nominee should recieve the award. This form is to be filled out by those who are organizing the nomination.

Nominee Reference - Individual | Team - Outside of those who are organizing the nomination, if there are others who are providing letters of reference for the nominee, this form should be filled out by them.