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Affiliates Borrowing Policy
To maximize the use of, and access to, materials and resources owned by the University Library, the following borrowing policies are in effect. 
The University of Saskatchewan offers borrowing access to those affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan through an Affiliated Borrower Card


There is no user fee for qualifying users from affiliated organizations.

Library Card

All borrowers must present an authorized card for the purpose of borrowing materials or for requesting access to other library services.
Affiliate Borrowers are required to present two pieces of valid and up-to-date identification to receive and update their library card. One of the pieces must list the borrower's current address (e.g. driver's licence, date-stamped envelope that the borrower recently received) and one of the pieces must confirm the borrower's status within the affiliated organization.

Lost Card

Lost library cards must be reported immediately to the library which you normally use. This permits us to place a borrowing stop on your card to prevent another patron using it to borrow materials.

Borrowing Privileges

Borrowers from affiliated organizations have borrowing privileges that vary depending upon the affiliated organization. When registering for a card, ask that a printout be provided that outlines exact borrowing privileges for your organization's users.

Electronic Resources

Affiliated Borrowers have very limited access to licensed electronic resources.  The Library is legally obligated to respect the license agreements for our electronic resources that restrict access to current faculty, staff, students, and, in most cases, walk-in users.  Unfortunately, it would be prohibitively expensive for the Library to negotiate additional access for Affiliates in these license agreements.  The Library has public workstations available for access to electronic resources, as most resources do allow access to members of the public that physically visit a Library branch (walk-in use).  Health Professionals may also be eligible for the Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Partnership (SHIRP) online library.

Library Notices and Email Policy

Library notices will be emailed to your email account if you include an email address in your library record. The email policy applies to all library borrowers.

Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loan and document delivery privileges vary depending upon the user's affiliated organization. When registering for a card, ask for a printout of privileges -- your level of access to interlibrary loans will be noted on the printout.

Change of Address

Borrowers are responsible for providing the Library with a current address. If an incorrect address is detected, the library card will have a stop placed on it until the address is updated. Providing an email address is optional but where an email address is provided, overdue notices and recalls are emailed to the borrower and will be received more quickly than regular mail.

Loan Periods

Loan periods, fines, and missing books policies

Library hours vary according to season and location.
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