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Federal Legislation Research Guide

Federal Legislation Research Guide

Parliamentary Website

Bills: First Reading

Third Reading - As Passed By House of Commons

Research Tip:  When looking for Bills, make sure you are in the right session of Parliament!  See box on left-hand side of web pageth Parliament, 1st Session


"This tool provides electronic access to a wide range of information about individual bills, such as: 

  • the text of the bill at various stages;

  • government press releases and backgrounders (for government bills);

  • legislative summaries from the Parliamentary Research Branch;

  • important speeches at second reading;

  • votes; and coming into force data."

Canada Gazette

  •  Part I - Notices and proposed regulations

  • Part II - Official regulations

  • Part III - Acts of Parliament - first place a bill is published as an "Act"

 Department of Justice  

Research Tip:  The Canada Gazette Part III is more current than the Department of Justice's Annual Statutes.  Use the Gazette to find the most recent statutes published.

Canada Statute Service - All consolidated federal statutes and regulations plus all new acts and regulations (excludes the Income Tax Act), Canada Statute Citator, and complete amendment history (available to U of S students).

 CanLII - Statutes and Regulations

 Law Society of Saskatchewan Canadian Proclamations - Name of the Act, Citation, Sections, Coming into Force date, P.C. No./Date