LSIT Employee List

Picture of Tom  Belliveau

Tom Belliveau IT Services Manager

Tom Belliveau joined LS&IT in 2011 and since then has been playing the role of the IT Services Manager, no Academy Award yet. He likes cats, movies, reading and general merriment. Partial geniuses have the shortest biographies.

Picture of Darryl Friesen

Darryl Friesen Programmer Analyst

Darryl began working at the University in 1992 for the Department of Computing Services (now ICT) providing IT support to a variety of colleges and departments on campus. In 1995, the University Library contracted ICT for his time on a more permanent basis; an appointment which eventually led to his becoming a full-time employee of the University Library.

Picture of  Chewy Hem

Chewy Hem Technician

Transferred over from ICT after eight years of service. Interests are volleyball if my knees doesn’t hurt from the previous games I played and DJ-ing parties. Favourite saying: “ I don’t have issues, I have subscriptions”

Picture of Shannon Lucky

Shannon Lucky IT Librarian

Shannon Lucky has been an IT librarian in LS&IT since April Fools Day 2014. She primarily works on the University Library web presence with a focus on web usability. When not tweaking the website, she can usually be found out for a run with her enormous dog.

Picture of  Mike Moore

Mike Moore Programmer Analyst

I graduated from the UofS in 2006 and I joined the University Library in early 2013.

Picture of  Jen Murray

Jen Murray Library Systems Analyst

Jen started with the University of Saskatchewan Library as a student assistant during her undergrad (exactly how long ago that was doesn’t really matter). Jen has been working in the library and information sciences ever since. She started with LS&IT at the end of 2016. So far, so good.

Picture of  Chris Pockett

Chris Pockett Programmer

Chris Pockett joined LS&IT in September 2016. Previously he worked on campus with Student Learning Services, Consumer Services and Information and Communications Technology. He enjoys ferrets, cats, baking and games (console, PC & RPG).

Picture of  Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart Library Systems Analyst

Picture of  Karim Tharani

Karim Tharani Head, Library Systems and Information Technology

Karim Tharani is a librarian and a tenured faculty member at the University of Saskatchewan. His research interests include digital access and preservation, metadata harvesting, and use of digital technologies in collaborative and community contexts. Prior to joining the University Library, Karim worked as an IT consultant at IBM Canada.

Picture of  John Yobb

John Yobb Programmer Analyst

Picture of  Mike Zinkowski

Mike Zinkowski Technician

Mike has been your friendly neighborhood Tech since November 2007. He enjoys his work and everyone he works with. He calls Tom “Big Cat” and thinks everyone else should too.