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Murray Library

Murray Library - Contact Names & Comments and Suggestions
Contact Names and Phone Numbers

Darlene Fichter (on leave)
Head, Murray Library

Christine Drever
Branch Operations Manager
(306) 966-5996

Gail Horbay - Operations Supervisor - Circulation & Course Reserves (306) 966-5964

Racheal Lambie - Operations Supervisor - Interlibrary Loans (306) 966-6651

Lara O'Grady - Operations Supervisor - Information Services (306) 966-5984

Duane Turner - Operations Supervisor - Stack & Collection Maintenance (306) 966-5962

Liaison Librarians for your subject area.

Service points: 

Check-Out Desk/General Questions (306) 966-5958
Ask Us Desk (306) 966-1765

Interlibrary Loans (306) 966-6651
Distance & Distributed Library Services (306) 966-5963
Toll Free in SK: 1-888-859-9999

General Email

Our Mailing Address:

Murray Building
3 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK  S7N 5A4 
Comments and Suggestions

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. If you have a comment or suggestion, please contact  Darlene Fichter

Thank-you for your interest in the Murray library. Here are the responses to your earlier suggestions and comments.



Since the express check-out counter is rarely used here, I think it should be placed at the entrance to the stacks in the North-wing. That way, one could check their books out, work on the first floor, and not have to remember to stop in on the ground floor before leaving the library.


That is a great suggestion! We are looking into ways to maximize space on every floor of the library, and this suggestion can be reviewed by the library services commitee. Thank-you.



I know this may not be in your department, but the study (reading room) next to photocopy central should be restricted to those reading books. I find it really annoying with laptops in there. Listening to the click and clacks all the time is such a distraction!! Could it be made into a laptop-free zone? There are plenty of areas laptop study people can go, but there are not many places for people that need a quiet place to read. I find I don’t go in there because of this.  Thank-you.


Thank you for your suggestion.  Creating a positive study atmosphere for all students is very important to us.  With so many of our resources available electronically, we cannot ban laptops from this room.  However, we will post more signs to encourage students to respect the quiet study in this room.  You may want to pick up some disposable ear plugs from the Tuck Shop in the Arts building.  They are pretty inexpensive.



Have a pen by the suggestion box.


Yes, having a pen by the suggestion box is a great idea!  Unfortunately, every time we have placed a pen there, it disappears so we have  discontinued providing pens near the suggestion box.  You can try to find a pencil near the computers closest to the check-out desk.



Have a recycle bin by the self check-out to recycle receipts.


This is a good idea! The library is promoting more recycling on campus; this is something we can do.  Thanks for your suggestion.