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Murray Library

Government Publications Materials

The following materials are housed in Government Publications, Maps & Microforms, on the second floor of the Murray Library.


Increasingly and aggressively, governments of all jurisdictions and international organizations are publishing current materials on the internet as well as retroactively digitizing older materials.These do not appear in the catalog but can typically be accessed from the web site of the jurisdiction or through specialized databases such as SourceOECD and the World Bank e-Library.


  • Government of Canada and provincial publications

    Most government publications are catalogued and may be found on the Library Catalogue. This includes most Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal publications. Some federal publications are not yet catalogued, including in particular Parliamentary publications.

    The University of Saskatchewan Library is a full depository for publications of the Government of Canada.

  • United States

    The Library holds a large collection of United States publications on microfiche. Access to these holdings is available at United States Government Publications.

  • United Kingdom

    The Library holds a microform collection of British Sessional Papers, 1731 to date. Access is through manual indexes and (for recent materials) a CD-ROM index available in Government Publications

  • United Nations

    Most United Nations materials are fully catalogued. However, some "mimeograph" publications are only accessible through manual indexes.

    The University of Saskatchewan Library is a selective depository for United Nations publications.

  • European Communities

    Many publications of the European Communities are in our Library Catalogue. However, some holdings in microfiche are uncatalogued. Inquire at the Reference Desk on the first floor of the Murray Library.

    The University of Saskatchewan Library is a European Documentation Centre, i.e. a major selective depository.

  • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

    The Library holds a complete collection of GATT documents in microfiche, 1947 to date. Access is by means of manual indexes in Government Publications.

    GATT has been superseded by the World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

    The Library holds a complete collection of FAO documents in microfiche, 1988 to date. An online listing of these materials is available at FAO

    Other FAO material in paper is held in the Murray Library collections.

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