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Geospatial Data
Geospatial Data

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer based technology used to manipulate, analyze, and visualize digital geospatial data. GIS Library Services at the University Library provides access to geospatial data, as well as software, training and help in order to support research and teaching. GIS Library Services is part of The Spatial Initiative.

Accessing Maps and Geospatial Data

Find GIS Data

Subject Specific GIS resources

Looking for maps and atlases?go here!

mapAir Photo

 Looking for Air Photos? Go here!

GIS Software

Not sure which software to use for your map? We have a variety of software products and online tools to choose from:

ESRI Products       Google Products     Open Source Software    Online Tools

Training and more

Training Opportunities

 How do I ? 

 Answers to common GIS questions

Citing GIS files

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