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DMTI products

       CanMap Parks: Available through Equinox. Includes Canadian park boundaries and point features. Also includes area codes, time zones, provinces and more.

       CanMap Postal Geography: In Equinox, search under postal geography: enables geocoding and consists of: Postal Code File, Enhanced Postal Code File ( point database representation of postal codes across canada, and links each postal code to the 1996 Census Demographic Boundaries) and the Forward Sortation Area (first three digits of postal code) boundaries.

       CanMap Rail File: Available through Equinox.Includes railway and transit lines, capital cities, transportation stops, water and provincial boundaries.

       CanMap Route Logistics - features include road name and number, exit numbers, time travel in minutes, truck route information, highway attributes and more.

       CanMap Streetfiles updated annually and includes: major roads, street addresses, populated place names, regional and municipal boundaries, points of interest, etc.

       CanMap Water : Vector data of all watercourses, waterbodies and special water features for all provinces in Canada.

       DMTI Digital Elevation Models  - Created from the interpolation of the National Topographic Database (NTDB) 1:50,000 scale digital mapping (Standards and Specifications V3.0 and later). 30 metre resolutions captured from 1:50,000 NTDB. 90 metre resolutions resampled from the 30 metre. Download by request, please include resolution (90 or 30m) and NTS numbers you wish to aquire. See reference maps: What NTS areas are available and NTS reference Maps: Canada's North , Ontario, Quebec, BC, Prairies, and Atlantic.

       DMTI neighbourhood files : National neighbourhood files.

       DMTI Platinum Postal Suite: Includes: Enhanced Postal Codes (MEP), Retired Postal Codes, Forward Sortation Area Boundaries (FSA), Local Delivery Area Unit Boundaries(DLU).

       Enhanced Points of Interest - National database of nearly 1 million Canadian businesses and points of interest. Features include: coordinate location, record name, address,city,province,postalcode, telephone number, geocode and attribute precision code and more.