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Postal Code Conversion Files
  • Postal Code Conversion File: (PCCF) - The Postal Code Conversion File  provides a link between six character postal codes and standard Census geographic areas ( such as dissemination areas, municipalities, and census tracts). It also provides the latitutde and longitude coordinates for a point representing the approximate location of the postal code to support mapping.

  • Postal Code Conversion File, Plus: (PCCF+) - The Postal Code Conversion File Plus (PCCF+) is a complementary product to the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF). It is an automated system that uses postal codes to assign census geography. PCCF+ is based on the latest Postal Code Conversion File and the Postal Code Population consists of two SAS control programs (GEORES4x for residential coding, GEOINS4x for office coding) and a series of reference files derived from the Statistic s Canada Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF), the Postal Code Population Weight File (WCF) and other sources. It automatically assigns a full range of geographic identifiers (PR CD CSD CMA CT DA BLK LAT LONG etc.) based on postal codes.

  • Postal Codes by Federal Ridings: (PCFR)