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UN Data
GIS data from the UN
  • Aquastat - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Spatial data, maps and tables related to water resources.
  • United Nations Institute for Training and Research: Operational Satellite Applications Programme. - Delivers imagery analysis and satellite solutions to relief and development organizations. View current maps of world emergencies and issues.
  • Harmonized World Soil Database v.1.1 - The Land Use Change and Agriculture Program of IIASA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN have developed a comprehensive Harmonized World Soil Database which includes volumes of recently collected regional and national updates of soil information. Must download the free database to use. The data is incredibly useful for planning sustainable expansion of agricultural production to achieve food security and provides information for national and international policymakers in addressing emerging problems of land competition for food production, bio-energy demand and threats to biodiversity.
  • United Nations Refugee Agency : Maps - includes UN google earth layer of refugees, and other online maps.