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Numeric Data
Canada: Statistics Canada
Find Data Saskatchewan Statistics

Find data and relevant publications from Statistics Canada; find data in the U of S Archive; or find links to Canadian statistics at U of T. Use the Access Data link below if you want to download public use microdata (survey/ census) files.


Find data for Saskatchewan from the Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics. The primary data producer is Statistics Canada.

Access Data Citing Data

How do I access the data? Once you have identified the data you want, there are several different ways to access and download the data. 

Learn how to cite all standard products offered by Statistics Canada using the 'How to Cite Statistics Canada Products' document. For more resources, click here >>.


Using Data Reference Guides and Publications

Once you have obtained the data, you may use spreadsheet, statistical or spatial software to summarize, analyze or visualize the data. For information on software tools and links to online learning resources click here >>.


Along with data and statistics, Statistics Canada produces associated reference guides, publications and analytical reports based on the information that it collects. 

Useful Links
  DLI License
Find links to a selection of data-related products from Statistics Canada.  All Statistics Canada data is disseminated under the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI.) The University of Saskatchewan participates in the DLI and is bound by the terms of the license agreement. View license terms >>.