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Pisa 2000

PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment is an internationally standardised evaluation that was jointly developed by participating countries and administered to 15-year-olds in schools. The 2000 cycle was designed to evaluate students' reading literacy based on their ability to retrieve, interpret, and evaluate information.


Forty-three countries took part in the first assessment in 2000, 41 countries in the second assessment in 2003 and at least 58 countries will participate in the third assessment in 2006.


Typically, PISA testing involves between 4,500 and 10,000 students in each country.

Data and Documentation

The Knowledge and Skills for Life report contains the initial results of the PISA 2000 survey. This list of tables provides the data underlying this report.

A supplementary report, Literacy Skills for the World of Tomorrow: Further Results from PISA 2000 extends the picture presented in the intital report, and reflects the inclusion of additional countries which joined the survey.

A series of more detailed, thematic reports will be published in 2002 and 2003 with a view to a deeper understanding of the results.

Web Access to Data

This service works best for selecting small numbers of variables. For large numbers of variables consider downloading the complete data file.


PISA 2000


PISA 2000 Technical Report

The report describes the methodology and features related to the implementation of the project in a level of detail that allows researchers to understand and replicate its analyses.

Download PISA 2000 Datafiles & Codebooks

Data sets listed are PC archives in ZIP format. Macintosh-compatible archives are also available on request.


Data Sets (Datafiles restricted to U of S) Control Files
1. Test Item Data File (6MB) SAS SPSS
2. School Questionnaire (628KB) SAS SPSS
3. Student Questionnaire and mathematic achievement data file (26.2MB) SAS SPSS
4. Student Questionnaire and reading achievement data file (47.6MB) SAS SPSS
5. Student Questionnaire and science achievement data file (26.2MB) SAS SPSS


Codebooks & Questionnaires Compendia
1. Codebook for cognitive item data file (PDF)
2. Codebook for school questionnaire data file (PDF)
3. Codebook for student questionnaire data file (PDF)
4. Student questionnaire (Word)
5. School questionnaire (Word)
6. Computer familiarity questionnaire (Word)
7. Cross-curricular competencies questionnaire (Word)
1. School Compendium - Reading
2. School Compendium - Mathematics
3. School Compendium - Science
4. Student Compendium - Reading
5. Student Compendium - Mathematics
6. Student Compendium - Science
7. Test Item Compendium

The compendia provide the distribution of students and reading performance means according to the variables collected through the Student, Information Technology, Cross Curriculum Competencies and School questionnaires. Note: the PISA 2000 compendia are all in Microsoft Word format.