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Metropolis Data Files

Metropolis data files are restricted to affiliated researchers who are members of the Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration (PCERII).

For more information about the PCERII and its data collection, please visit their site:
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Prairie Metropolis Centre

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Listing of Metropolis files available from Data Services

Metropolis Tables - based on 1996 Census of Canada (PDF)
Beyond 20/20 tables based on the 1996 Census of Population (20% sample data) reporting population, sex, age groups, immigrant status, highest level of schooling, language, mother tongue, sources of income, knowledge of official languages, area of world origin, work, wages and labour force activity at several geography levels (Canada, PR, CMA, non-CMA)
Metropolis Tables - based on 1991 Census of Canada (PDF)
Beyond 20/20 custom tabulations based on the 1991 Census of Population reporting detailed mother tongue, age groups, ethnic origin, age at immigration, labour force activity, occupation, income, level of education, major field of study, official language knowledge, religion, migration, year of immigration at several levels of geography (Canada, provinces and territories, CMA, CA)
Canadian Heritage 2001 Census Tables (CAPSS) (PDF):
Beyond 20/20 tables based on 2001 Census of Population (20% sample data) reporting ethnic origin, immigrant status, age & sex, language(s), religious affiliation at various levels of geography (Canada, Province/Territory, CD, CSD, CMA, CA, some CTs)
Longitudinal Immigration Data Base (IMDB) 1980-1997 (PDF)
Beyond 20/20 tables reporting Income Distribution, Industry and Mobility by immigrant class, level of education, language ability, intended occupation and country of origin.
Longitudinal Immigrant Data System 1980 - 2004 (SPSS version) (PDF)

Not a PCERII affiliate? Data Library Services has access to other immigration-related data that are available to any researcher (faculty or student) at the University of Saskatchewan.