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Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Tables

This reference tool contains tables based on current and historical data from a number of Statistics Canada surveys. The data files show data on crime, police administration, adult and youth court activity, the correctional population and transition homes, as well as various issues such as criminal victimization and family violence.

Data collected from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey are disseminated as crime statistics in the tables ps_*.zip, with additional data available in tables labeled UCR*.zip.

Note: Microdata collected from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey will not be disseminated to the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) as there are numerous caveats that would make it difficult for researchers to use the data and also to ensure confidentiality.

Data will no longer be produced to identify secure and open custody.

A number of tables have been terminated but the data are still available through existing tables. To see which tables have been terminated, please consult the listing at the end of the active tables.

IMPORTANT: You'll need WinZip or a similar utility to decompress the archived files and Ivation's Beyond 20/20 browser to read the data tables.